Monday, February 25, 2008

Are Stocks Male, Or Female?

In all of the offices I worked in, they were male. As in, "that guy is a fucking dick!" However, when bloggers write about stocks, they tend to make them female.

So for you, are stocks male or female? Please vote in the poll.


John Forman said...

Bloggers really call stocks "she"? I must be reading the wrong blogs. I've never heard anything but "it", which is what I've alway used. I just asked the guys in my shop. They've never heard anyone use anything but "it" for a stock.

ainkurn said...

I guess stocks are feminine to me since I usually refer to them as "that stupid bitch moved up without me".

Bubs said...

I usually refer to stocks as female to but I guess it depends on how you look at it "was screwed my MA today"

Danny said...

Stocks are bitches, that much is OBVIOUS.

dudes can be bitches, but usually a bitch is a woman, so for the purposes of this argument, women = bitches. Surely though, Dennis kneale is a bitch.

FWIW, I voted kneale as I believe some stocks are currently suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. They think they suck, but they don't.

Of course, to do such a thing is a "bitch move," perhaps lending gravity to the "stocks are female" camp.

Here's one thing I'm sure of.

Dudes aren't as irrational as women or stocks. It's science.

If stocks were dudes, we would be unchanged all day, perhaps weeks at a time, only moving in $3 increments. Pennies? 1/8 increment? That's female as hell.

OH, and if stocks were male, then "a move" would means "100%, in either direction."

There would be no pussy 15% gains in any security, ever.

So, I'm thinking Kneale or Women, maybe both, but NOT a dude.

Danny said...

no offense horse trader to my frequent use of the word bitch, but that was how I was raised to refer to anonymous women.

Move the Markets said...

I feel labels like male or female are small minded and cannot accurately describe a real woman like me. I am sometimes a stock trader, sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. Just ask DT we've been together on and off for a few years now.

Dinosaur Trader said...

You know... I leave here for a little while, to enjoy some family time and there's a disturbing myspace page with a cross dressing photo of Richard linked to my blog.

I'm not sure what to think about this...


Retard Trader said...


DP said...

Voted Dennis Kneale, since:

Stocks are (for) asshats.
Dennis Kneale is an asshat.

stocks = Dennis Kneale.

Simple, really.