Friday, August 1, 2008

Belle And Sebastian, "Jonathan David"

You gotta love the dude at the piano. Hilarious.

Quick Note

Fuck Brangelina and anyone who cares about their fucking baby.

The RO Report... Smokefest

The RO got killed today, and I can't even tell you why since I was out most of the day. Perhaps it was the drinking... or maybe it was the girls.

Anyway, hopefully this isn't a "tell" on what August has to offer.

Out of 26 traders, 9 were positive, or 34%. That's the lowest % I've reported since I began with the RO figures. I was # 4 of 26. Not bad, but unfortunately, it came on a day when everyone else sucked. Nothing to cheer about then.

Here's the top 3:

1. $997 on 18,900 shares traded.
2. $754 on 25,800 shares traded.
3. $618 on 4600 shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. -$16,154 on 640,500 shares traded.
2. -$11,795 on 318,400 shares traded.
3. -$10,502 on 105,100 shares traded.

Daily Show Points Out Media Hypocrisy

For all you right-wingers who think there's a "left wing slant" to the media, take note...

Listen to how all the major news players pick up on the McCain talking points.

Actually, the whole episode is great. Check out their new election promo...

Still Trouble With Site?

I still can't see the "recent comments" widget, despite the scaled down blog list. I think I'll just have to go back to regular blogroll... anyone else still having trouble with the sidebar?

Actually, it comes up sometimes...

Another Guy Who Shouldn't Be A Trader...