Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aqua, "Barbie Girl"

20 million views on Youtube... seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? This is pure awful. I need to go through a good streak, I can't take having to post this shit.


I'm still trying to get my sidebar right. I'll be moving stuff around the next couple of days until everything is operational over there again.

The RO Report

My day was way too wild for a last day of the month "light day." I mean... you work all month, scraping together money here and there from the market and then you go and give a big chunk back on the last day? Always feels shitty.

I was down $1500 early and managed to trim my loss to commissions only. But it's not the way I like things to go down anymore.

The RO, naturally, kicked ass. Out of 27 traders, 22 finished positive. I was number 20 of 27... remember, that's a gross number. So I lost money today (and hence will post awful music later) but I was gross positive.

Here's the top 3:

1. $14,167 on 375k shares traded.
2. $12,444 on 174k shares traded.
3. $7,307 on 119k shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. -$4,301 on 101k shares traded.
2. -$1,829 on 700 shares traded.
3. -$317 on 35k shares traded.

Sunburned Hand Of Man, "The Air Itself"

My day for you, in musical format. Yes, it's been that fucked up.

Go ahead, click play... I dare you.

Ben Wattenberg On "The Daily Show"

A decent discussion on terrorism and the neo-conservatives. Of course, it's frustrating as usual, as Wattenberg doesn't address any of Stewart's criticisms.