Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gustafer Yellowgold, "I'm From The Sun"

If you have a 3-year old, you'll want to check out Gustafer. I like to support anything that has nothing to do with Disney.

Virtual Office, $1303. SPX, +16,40, 1366.20.

Dehtrader, $573 on 5570 shares traded.
Equine, $430 on 16,400 shares traded.
Me, $194 on 19,000 shares traded.

Ducati, $96 on 16,800 shares traded.
Denarii, $75 on 1800 shares traded.
Wincity, $23 on 600 shares traded.
Timmay, $0 on 3400 shares traded.
Misstrade, no trades.
Retardo, no trades.
OBAT, -$88 on 32,200 shares traded.

It was the kind of day where you just heard politicians trying to score points while grilling or defending Roger Clemens. So fucking stupid.

Hey, you idiots, why don't you go pass a damn law or something?

Anyway, so the market was up big, but on low volume (again). We've seen this before... after the carnage last February, we rallied for months on light volume. After the carnage in August, we rallied on light volume... and now, after the carnage in January, we rally on light volume.

Given that scenario, I just have a hard time being bullish here. But as we were discussing in my company's chat room, your longer-term bias shouldn't really effect your daytrading. There were plenty of nice longs out there if you could get past that.

Also, the health insurers freaked out midday. There were trades there as well.

Now, my house gets ripped to shreds by 3 year olds. Fun. My daily post is below since I didn't trade the full day.

Trouble With Site?

Are any of you having page load issues? I think blogger is fucked...

Done Early

I got smoked off the bat shorting ACI. Funny, I guess being downgraded doesn't matter when you're in the strongest freaking sector.

I made most of it back when it dropped from 10-10:30. Still, it was my worst stock today as I lost $158 in it.

My best trade was a short in GGP.

The REITS were coming off and GGP was still up decent. Ironically, esignal and its late news reporting helped me out. LEH had a positive note out on GGP that I didn't see (because esiggy didn't publish it). I may not have been short in light of positive news.

Anyway, I got short up around $37.40 and covered most below $37 for a $339 winner.

I also caught nice longs in MEE and ESI.

However, I'm stopping because my win/loss ratio is pretty poor today and a lot of the guys in my office are getting smoked. The volume sucks and this feels like another slow melt up. I'll take the small win and keep some positive momentum.

Meanwhile, my house is about to be demolished by 3 year olds. I need a little peace before they descend.

Here's the stats:
P&L, $194
Best, GGP, $339
Worst, ACI, -$158

19,000 shares traded.
6 winners, 12 losers.

Beastie Boys, "Paul's Boutique"

Last week I drove to the beach with this CD playing. I haven't listened to it in awhile, I can't believe it's almost 20 years old. Anyway, here is an amazing song sequence that still sounds great today.

I Finally Agree With Dennis Kneale!!!

The man is right. Congress should not be grilling Roger Clemens given the current state of the world.

It's absolutely stupid.

UPDATE: It's over... finally. I just want to know if my Roger Clemens rookie cards still have any value.

Morning Stock Trading Idea

ACI was downgraded today. Check how the volume has recently ballooned. This stock should move today.

NOTE: I'm not recommending this as a buy or sell. I'm merely pointing out that it may be a good stock to daytrade today since I expect movement.

Morning Stock Market Links

And here is a nice little video on Obamanomics. Remember, they only discuss the tax hike here (on the rich) but the entire middle and lower class would receive cuts. I'll have to read more about this... a 12% hike on people over $100,000 kind of bothers me, a lot.

Good Morning

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