Thursday, April 19, 2007

Animal Collective - Flesh Canoe

I let you off easy last week with a Bob Dylan song. It's been a tough week here, so I threw up a slightly more challenging piece for you to absorb.

If you're not familiar with Animal Collective well, get familiar.

A reviewer wrote once that he never understood Animal Collective until he had their stuff on while he was driving through a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Lightning was flashing, his wipers were swiping as fast as they could, there were deep puddles on the road and he was scared.

Enjoy your weekend. Get outside.

An afternoon walk to clear the mind

At 4:00, my house was attacked by toddlers. I surveyed the situation. It was well outside of my control. The market broke me today and if I hung around the house, the toddlers were going to finish me off.

So, I fled to the woodlands in search of birds.

I walked around this pond that's not far from my house. Spring migration has begun and the early warbler migrants have arrived. After a short search, I was able to spot a few Palm Warblers springing out from the tops of trees, snagging insects. It was peaceful. I watched them for about 45 minutes.

During that time outside, listening to the water move and watching the birds I completely forgot about how much the market sucks.

So tomorrow, when I'm in the thick of it, hopefully this picture of a Palm Warbler will help me keep my head together.

If that doesn't work, there's always the pictures over at the Trading Goddess.

The market hates me and I hate it.

It's been a real battle here lately.

This morning I was down about $700 or so and then rallied and went up $600. Then, I went back into the red a little but by lunch had pulled into the green again. Most of the morning activity I had was in WSO. It was nuts. Check the graph.

The afternoon saw me churn, get frustrated and go back into the red. Another small loss. I can't seem to find winners lately and I think it's because I'm trading not to lose more than trading to win. Any advice? Dinosaurs have big ears.

I need to get away from the computer for the rest of the afternoon. Today is "playgroup" day at our house so there are 8 toddlers tearing my living room apart downstairs and 8 mothers drinking tea and eating cookies. I have to get out of here... quickly. Here are the stats:

P&L -$205

Best, JASO $155

Worst, RAS -$77

stocks traded, 22, 7 positive, 15 negative

shares traded, 43,200

total trades, 282

Virtual Office, -$951. Dow 4.79.

EvolutionTrader, $809 on 22,600 shares traded.
DehTrader, $354 on 37,000 shares traded.
One Bad-Ass Trader, $314 on 18,400 shares traded.
NYSE Scalper, $111 on 63,400 shares traded.
Misstrade, -$177 on 5100 shares traded.
Me, -$204 on 43,200 shares traded.
DenarriTrader, -$325 on 5400 shares traded.
TradeWhileWorking, -$1833 on 5600 shares traded.

The VO took a hit today. Like yesterday, we had 4 positive posters and 4 negative. Let's hope tomorrow we all finish out the week strong.

Nice bounce back today for ET. I know that when you get roughed up one day there's nothing like coming back strong the next. Dehtrader had another nice gain, consistent gains like that lead to nice years. $500 net a day means $120,000 for the year. Also notable today was the strength demostrated by OBAT. After a couple weeks of small losses and small gains, he pulled it together today for a nice win. Scalper spent the better part of the day paring losses but closed green, always the right way to end the day.

I still can't believe the market is going up.

The Noon Glance

Been all over the map today thanks to some wild volatility in WSO which I am now out of. It was my worst stock of the day but now is my best.

Lots of movement today. No idea what's gonna happen here though... the market just keeps edging higher from the open and I just keep feeling more and more bearish.... go figure.

P&L $242