Friday, August 15, 2008

Living Manliness

This morning, after I went surfing, I stopped to get some coffee. I was feeling charitable, so I picked one up for Judy as well.

When I got to the counter to pay, I even decided to pick up a blueberry and banana smoothie for my daughter. I was in a really good mood.

Anyway, so I had two large coffees and a smoothie. I paid, and the woman asked me if I wanted a carrying tray.

"No thanks," I said. "I got it." I felt really green, and I could see that my masculinity was almost too much for the woman to bear... I stacked the three cups and head for the door.

My car was probably 200 feet from the coffee shop. It became clear to me as I walked down the steps, that the cups were in a rather precarious position and that the bottom of the paper coffee cup was digging uncomfortably into my thumb.

But I soldiered on, carrying the cups in that position, through the pain, and even managed to smile at a couple of people as I passed. I could see, by the expressions on their faces, that they thought I was one "bad customer" carrying the cups like that.

When I got to the car, there was an indent in my thumb. I didn't even complain about it much to myself in my head. I just told myself, "shit like that happens to tough guys" and I got in my car and drove home, ready to battle the markets.

Dinosaur Trader... trader, tough guy.


bloggerdotcom said...

Beautiful piece.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thank you. A tearjerker for sure.


Solfest said...

It give us all hope just knowing you are out there.

Ragin' Cajun said...

lol, this post is the reason i vist your blog.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks guys.

Ragin, I'm here to entertain you while you bank coin.


Bluedog said...

lmao. Nice work, DT! Soldier on!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for a paper cut post. Pure gold.

S. said...

DT is alive and well. There is hope for us all.

I weep for our future...