Saturday, January 31, 2009

What You Missed

A lot transpired here this past week so I've decided to wrap it all up for you in a sort of sick, self-linking sort of way. Take THAT stock-blogosphere!

Okay, first of all, since ostensibly, this is a stock blog (har! har!) I discussed a good trade I made in FAS. Then, as fate (and irony) would have it, I "chambermaided" myself the next day, mostly due to a bad trade in FAS.

But I moved on, and in the first installment of the Dinosaur Trader book club, I offered some thoughts I had on Michael Marcus, the famed futures trader. Then, out of nowhere, I got a bit creative on your ass and shared a bit of my history with you. Knowing that you hate it when I get all serious, the next day I tried to be funny. Finally, I give back to the Internets with a big linklove post.

Now I ask you, where else do you get such non-stop quality? I hope to provide you with more original content next week. And look, if you enjoy it here, please, tell your friends about this blog... I can't take "the Fly" calling me a "third-tier blogger" for too much longer. Thank you... that is all.