Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fleet Foxes, "Innocent Son"

Backstage Sessions : Fleet Foxes - Innocent Son from Hard to Find a Friend on Vimeo.

Virtual Office, -$1963. SPY, +0.16, $139.68.

Denarii, $84 on 6200 shares traded.
OBAT, $18 on 13,600 shares traded.
Retardo, no trades.
Me, -$897 on 9200 shares traded.
Sanglucci, -$1168 on 40,800 shares traded.

If Monday was the lowest volume day of the year, today was either the second or third lowest of the year. The reason I tend to harp on volume is because as an active trader, it stands for liquidity. Liquidity is extremely important for very active traders, as those little dimes and nickels tend to add up over the course of a day. And, not surprisingly, this week has seen my real-life office get taken to the woodshed.

Anyway, here, we deal with the virtual office, and the VO also took a trip to the woodshed. In general, this is not a trader's market. Yes there are hot stocks here and there, but overall, not a friendly market.

I lost my money early and decided to try to make a negative a positive by finally cracking the books on my Series 55 exam. Damn these tests are boring... but I'd like to get back to trading at least a couple NASD stocks. We'll see how long it takes me to study for this thing... could take forever. Very slow reading.

Maybe I'll have to publish a Series 55 Juicy Cliff Notes or something, replete with sex scenes and cursing.


John McCain On "The Daily Show"

Good interview, though I wish he had grilled him a little more on being so close to Bush... especially after the 2000 election. I was for McCain in 2000 before Bush's dirty campaigning ruined his chances of winning. The fact that McCain has so solidly supported Bush in the last few years makes him an untouchable candidate for me now.

Fleet Foxes, "Innocent Son"

I've gone max down on the day again... (-$546) so I've decided to take tomorrow off to regain some composure and perspective. The VO will be up this evening.

Enjoy the music.

This song is amazing. Here's the lyrics.

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I supported, "The Fly," "Wall Street Fighter," "Alphatrends," and "Maoxian."