Thursday, July 3, 2008

Animal Collective, "Fireworks"

Happy 4th of July. See you Monday.

Coasting Into The Holiday

Dude made $82 grand in my office today... on a half day... same guy who made $30 grand yesterday.

Sadly, I made a fraction of that. Still, I made money.

My first trade of the day was also my best and most profitable.

I also caught shorts in PCU through $100 and V through $78. However, it should be noted, that V was trading like a dick. I had one small loss in RIG. Sadly, I just missed a big trade in the fucker, but he stopped me out right before a good drop.

The reason I'm so optimistic about my trading recently is because, well, first of all, I haven't been losing money. Second, I still see loads of room for improvement. Third, I'm still trading small size. I just need to tighten up a bit more, add some shares now that I'm making good consistent decisions and things should be okay.

Of course, the market could change at any moment...

Anyway, I'm keeping this post short. My glass of Pernod calls.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Good music drops with the sun.

Who's A Bigger Dick? Kudlow? Or Kneale?



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Time To Get Greedy

I think I'm finally putting fear to rest.

After only 4 losing days last month and a good start to this month, I'm seeing real signs of confidence come back into my trading.

Think of Dinosaur Trader as an airplane. I make the same flights whether or not my plane has 2 passengers, or 200 passengers. The way I build profits again, is by adding passengers.

I'm flying there, might as well fill the plane, right?

And now, for Fugazi's take on Greed.