Thursday, February 12, 2009

Radiohead, "You And Whose Army?"

When you're losing in this job, it feels like you're fighting a war.

The RO Report, "Fuck The PPT" Edition

Whether or not you believe any of the conspiracy theories regarding the "PPT," or the Plunge Protection Team, you have to admit that the way news stories suspiciously drop at important market levels is very coincidental to say the least.

The RO got completely fried this afternoon when some news dropped at 3:05, just as we were breaking the lows of the morning.

Anyway, I have a sick family and this market is trying its hardest to make me sick too.

Here's the numbers.

Out of 29 traders today, 8 traders were gross positive, or 28%. 3 traders made over $1,000 and 14 traders lost over $1,000 gross. Many lost a large multiple of $1,000. I was #21 of 29 adding a lot to my worst streak of my career.

"Chambermaid" - Trader Z, -$32,481 on 89,000 shares traded.

2. Trader C, -$31,486 on 290k shares traded.
3. Trader N, -$26,680 on 109k shares traded.
4. Trader F, -$11,642 on 137k shares traded.
5. Trader A, -$8,162 on 216k shares traded.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader 10*, $1,627 on 2,800 shares traded.

2. Trader R, $1,107 on 24,806 shares traded.
3. Trader M*, $1,068 on 0 shares traded.
4. Trader X, $187 on 4,200 shares traded.
5. Trader G, $155 on 26,000 shares traded.

What a disaster.

An Odd Interview

Pointed out to me by "Trader X" from the RO, not the more famous Trader X.

This dude has a nice beard.

The Gods Have Conspired Again

To put off publication of my new history post, "Sympathy For The Maria."

No doubt it is due to the controversial nature of this post.

Anyway, Judy fell a bit ill last evening preventing me from having the time to edit it down. Been a tough week for blogging over here.