Friday, February 6, 2009

The Walkmen, "In The New Year"

A song about new beginnings.

The RO Report, "Trader Z" Edition

Trader Z went away for the last week and a half or so and missed all the death in the RO. He comes back, and the RO makes money again.

From now on, if he's taking off, I will stay away from the markets. He must be blessed or something.

Anyway, I have to split, so here are the quick numbers.

Out of 28 traders today, 22 finished gross positive, or 79%. 12 traders made over $1,000 gross and 1 trader lost over $1,000. Good numbers to finish the week. Nice for everyone. I was #8 of 28. I'll take it!

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $12,079 on 466k shares traded.

2. Trader A, $10,951 on 228k shares traded.
3. Trader Z, $9,359 on 305k shares traded.
4. Trader P, $7,135 on 475k shares traded.
5. Trader F, $4,769 on 148k shares traded.

"Chambermaid" - Trader 9*, -$1,394 on 200 shares traded.

2. Trader J, -$844 on 68,000 shares traded.
3. Trader M*, -$398 on 0 shares traded.
4. Trader L, -$86 on 81,400 shares traded.
5. Trader K, -$32 on 74,400 shares traded.

Why Jon Stewart Is Relevant And Dick Cheney Is Not

The Week In Review

Attitude Trader found this great BBC trading show. He must think he's some sort of elitist, watching the BBC. Also, looks like he's working on a bit of his history as well. Check it out, a fantastic read.

You can hate on big government all you'd like, but when companies are left to police themselves, bad shit happens.

Perhaps they should regulate breasts. These are too big.

Trader X has changed up his site a bit. Looking forward to it. It's all about simplification over there. Just check out his "Five Rules For Life" and you'll understand why. For the record, my 5 rules would be very similar to his except my life is all about complexity.

Five Rules would be an interesting site even without Trader X's submission. Most everyone agrees that one of the most important rules is to read this blog each day... weird.

Obama's cabinet... in MUPPETS!

Speaking of Obama, just in case you needed another reason to love him... he hates cats!

Some worry that the bailout creates a moral hazard, and that the banks will take undue risk with the money. But is the problem the opposite?

Rush Limbaugh, the great hope machine.

Shit Parenting magazine.

...and idiots are stupid.

Asian Teen Has Sweaty Middle-Aged-Man Fetish.

The Fly has added a new tab. Cronkite has a straight-up news bent. I think it's a great direction for them... adding another third-tier stock blogger would have been a mistake.

Mug cake... Disgusting? Or delicious? (h/t Trader C)

Even the apostrophe is suffering during this downturn.

The Superbowl was rated X this year. (NSFW) Good thing they banned that PETA advert.

Sad but true, "Wall Street" is now an epithet. Now I know how it must feel to be a lawyer.

Bats are dying off. That is very bad if you don't like mosquitoes. I have a bat house in the backyard and I highly recommend you pick one up. They can eat 600 mosquitoes an one hour.

Oh, and finally... DIGG POWERUSERS EXPOSED!!! Thus my letter yesterday. (h/t WSF)