Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Husker Du, "Could You Be The One?"

The RO Report

Another wild day. If you trade NYSE stocks, you have to love the volume. 1.7 billion shares traded on a balmy July day. Nice.

Out of 29 traders, 20 were positive, or 68%. I was 16 of 29. 14 traders finished up over $1000. I use $1000 as a benchmark... so the fact that half the traders in the office had good days, is meaningful, even if only 68% were green today. It was a good day to trade.

Here's the top 3:

1. $35,631
2. $10,006
3. $5,264

And the bottom... a bit ugly today.

1. -$18,382
2. -$6,697
3. -$2,715

A Great Trading Market

Truly, July and August seem to want to usurp October and November as the best months of the year to trade.

The moves are nothing short of ridiculous, day in and day out. Banks, coals, ferts, oils, natty gas... you name it, they're moving, points at a time.

The opportunities are enormous and the profits (and losses) can be huge.

Keep your head.

I made a decent amount today and am calling it quits until the afternoon. They're out cutting the trees again and I need my daily dose of perspective, via visiting the ocean.

Top trader in my office was up $34k at 11:00. Not me...