Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jay Z, "Brooklyn We Go Hard"

The Trader D spray choice. Earned by doubling the #2 Boss.

The RO Report, "Yawn" Edition

The RO spent the better part of the day churning and discussing the death of daytrading. I tried, in vain, to get them to spend their time fruitfully by making WeeMees, but no one listened.

So, while I didn't make any money today, at least I have a bangin' WeeMee.

This employment report tomorrow better do something to this market... January wasn't supposed to start this way. I was expecting some activity. Instead, it's like late August without the warm weather and summer people.

We barely traded over a billion shares today...

Still, the "Lucky Pierre" of the day, Trader D, managed to make impressive profits.

It's sometimes unfair, having to trade beside such greatness. The man lives like a king, and has a really nice little dog, to boot. Kudos, Trader D on your continuing brilliance and congratulations on spraying (2x next dude) to get your reward, a song choice. Perhaps eventually, he'll grace us with that post he won...

Still, despite the valiant effort by Trader D, the Manservants took the day. And note that 3 out of 4 Bosses are swing accounts (denoted by the *). Active traders weren't happy today. Out of 28 traders today, 18 were gross positive, or 64%. 4 traders made over $1,000 gross, while 4 traders lost over $1,000 gross. I, again, was #12 of 28. Odd how similar these numbers have been all week.

"Chambermaid" - Trader B, -$7,728 on 401k shares traded.

2. Trader A, -$3,434 on 248k shares traded.
3. Trader C, -$1,333 on 34,700 shares traded.
4. Trader Z, -$1,176 on 37,200 shares traded.
5. Trader R, -$844 on 43,200 shares traded.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $6,220 on 100k shares traded.

2. Trader H*, $2,075 on 8,500 shares traded.
3. Trader 9*, $1,345 on 0 shares traded.
4. Trader M*, $1,044 on 0 shares traded.
5. Trader L, $872 on 49,600 shares traded.

Here is your heatmap and a touch of technical analysis.

Tomorrow I'll have my first "Friday links" post up which will showcase some fun things I found on the Internet this week. Also, please support Mr. Swift... let's edge him into second place! You can vote once a day.

"Wash Your Dishes Happily"

Sure this is a blog about trading and the trading lifestyle, but close readers know I have this thing for perspective... so enjoy this video by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.