Friday, September 7, 2007

Australia Rocks

Australia is quickly becoming my second favorite country, right behind Iceland.

Not sure if this went down yet, but a group called "Bums Not Bombs" planned the world's largest "mooning" of Bush when he visited Sydney.

Meanwhile, open that link in a "secure environment" i.e, not at work.

"Paper Plane"

I searched for "stock market poem" in Youtube and this is what I got. True story.

This is what you people get when you don't fess up and admit to liking my music.

Carry away all my sads...

Stock Market Volatility Back On The Rise

I'm going to go right out and hazard a guess that.... it IS bin Laden on the video... when has he made a video when it wasn't him? Jesus! It's him! Why do they always do this ridiculous "verification?"

Also, I'm not looking forward to all the "hair dye" jokes that we will be subject to in the next week since the guy dyed his beard.

Anyway, for such a large move in the market, I had a really boring day. I made decent money early and then churned for the entire afternoon. Had there been surf, I would have been at the beach. Instead, I sat it front of my computers, read "The Search For Captain Zero," (good rec. "chud") and made silly trades.

I'm tired. Our daughter woke us up at 3:30am screaming for "juice." It would have been fine, but she didn't stop screaming until 5:00am. Weird. I tell you, it hasn't been an easy week here at the Dinosaur residence.

Look, I don't feel like talking much about stocks or my trades. I'll share my blotter with you and then I'm going to drink a beer.

LDK $301
TNH $235
UBB $165
VMI $136
RWT $134
MTW $67
POT $67
TRA $57
NLY $43
CRS $42
WYE $9
HXM -$16
JLL -$67
FED -$72
LAZ -$90
BEN -$132
MOS -$275

Have a good weekend.

Virtual Office, $2919. Dow, -249.97, 13113.38.

Evolution, $1776 on 54,800 shares traded.
Me, $615 on 34,600 shares traded.
HPT, $600 on 42 contracts traded.
Tapeworm, $145 on 2 contracts traded.
OBAT, Hong Fucking Kong.
Misstrade, watching football.
Denarii, tanning.

Bubs, -$104 on 1000 shares traded.

Akalawoo, -$113 on 8 contracts traded.

Wow, the market got creamed. Did we not see this one coming? Also, the move came on the strongest volume in weeks at 1,460,231,000 shares. Say it with me, D-I-S-T-R-I-B-U-T-I-O-N.

One note... Mary Thompson said today's move came on "low volume" and therefore that was "good news." Say it with me, I-D-I-O-T! I mean, how do you report for the biggest financial news network and not know when the market is flashing distribution?

Lots of talk on CNBC about the rate cut. Everyone seems to be treating it as a fait accompli (appealing to my French readers there...) I mean, I think that's scary either way you play it. If it's so obviously coming, you'd expect most of the move to be priced into the market already. If it doesn't come... well, then you're screwed again.

Choose your poison, I guess.

Meanwhile, if someone doesn't get up there and "fave" this damn blog, I'll be forced to take those little buttons down. Just sign in to Technorati, "fave" it, and be gone. I mean, I'm blogging my heart out for you people!

Have a great weekend. Since the VO made money today, we'll let Akalawoo chill out a bit longer.

Dinosaur... Part 4?

I couldn't find a part 3... who knows. They probably did that on purpose.

A Question For The Australians

Since I posted that Chasers video, I'm getting lots of Australian readers.

If any of you happen to be surfers, how big a problem are sharks there... really?

Over Labor Day weekend, a Thresher Shark washed up onshore in Queens, NY. Mr. Murdoch's (an Australian that kind of freaks me out, BTW) local newspaper here, The NY Post posted a large mug shot of the shark with the words, "Jaws Terrorizes The Rockaways."

Meanwhile, Thresher Sharks don't mess with people... but I guess it sold newspapers.

Here's a Thresher... check out that tail!

Shorting FED

I sold FED short in my swing account today. I sold at $49.64.

Don't ask me why. I'm new to this "swing trading" thing.

I don't have a price target and I have no idea how many "R" I'm risking.

Damn stock-blogging freaks.

Black Lips, "Cold Hands"

These guys have a new album coming out soon. If you like 60s era garage rock, you'd be a big idiot if you didn't check it out.

The Chasers

This clip is from an Australian comedy show and it's pretty damn funny, but also smart.

I guess that they managed to get into the Bush motorcade (as a prank) despite the fact that the Australian's are spending something like $24 million a day on security for the APEC conference. They got within 30 feet of Bush's hotel. That's pretty crazy. What's even crazier is that the guy driving the car was dressed as Osama...

Thing is, I couldn't find a good clip of that prank. However, the above one is great too.

Perhaps Moom can offer some color on this?