Friday, September 7, 2007

The Chasers

This clip is from an Australian comedy show and it's pretty damn funny, but also smart.

I guess that they managed to get into the Bush motorcade (as a prank) despite the fact that the Australian's are spending something like $24 million a day on security for the APEC conference. They got within 30 feet of Bush's hotel. That's pretty crazy. What's even crazier is that the guy driving the car was dressed as Osama...

Thing is, I couldn't find a good clip of that prank. However, the above one is great too.

Perhaps Moom can offer some color on this?


mOOm said...

It's crazy to have this conference in the middle of Sydney if they think they need that level of security which from what I've read just closed down all business and traffic in the CBD (downtown). Companies are even saying to send mail early. They should have this in some resort area like Cairns (Queensland). G8 meetings recently have been in Gleneagles, Scotland, Jasper or somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. I guess Howard is too proud of his hometown to hold it anywhere else...

The nuclear reactor is a research/medical isotope reactor by the way. No nuclear power in Oz.

Wayne said...

The Police force is of course extremely angry and embarrassed, and so they should be. (embarrassed that is) They are talking about charging them with something.

However a prominent QC (trial lawyer) is offering to represent them for free. He thinks we've because authoritarian and have lost our sense of humour.

Not true of course, most ordinary folk think it is hilarious!

P.S. It will only get on youtube once the program airs... stay tuned. :)

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks for the color guys. I think people should be pissed! I mean, where's all that money going for "security" when stuff like that can happen?

Great show. I'll be looking for it on Youtube. Is it similar to our Daily Show?


Wayne said...

Not quite the same.

The format is pretty much like the youtube you posted. Just going from one topic to another.

Nothing is sacred, they'll take the p!ss out of anything and anyone.

They'll often turn up at political lectures and news conferences for the purposes of mirth and embarrassment.

Funniest show on TV here IMO.