Friday, June 6, 2008

Black Gold Indeed...

Yesterday I was at the pump and there was some guy with a buzz cut and calf muscles the size of my head filling up his Ford Excursion. He was just staring at the pump, shaking his head and saying to no one in particular, "this is fucking ridiculous!"

After he filled up, he walked towards the little shop where they sell other savory items like cigarettes and looked as if he was going to punch the window. He took a step back, fuming, and luckily, considered his options. He jumped back into his Excursion and probably paid $0.50 just to get to the traffic light at the end of the block.

In short, expect "gas station rage" to come to a busy intersection near you!

Of course, I couldn't be happier... now if it can go high enough to get my idiot neighbor to stop chasing 10 leaves around his yard with his gas powered leaf blower, we'll be getting somewhere.