Monday, November 5, 2007

Brief Foray Into Negativity

While I don't normally revel in the pain of other's trading losses, the blow to my awful day has been cushioned by seeing SWC down 15% or so. Sorry, JJ. Not really.

I guess it's a buy here?

A Musical Representation Of My Shitstorm

I don't feel like writing. Instead, here is a brief idea of what my day was like, musically.

First off, I was turned away at the gates of prosperity. In kind of a nasty, cold way.

Then, I took a drive. It was odd because I was happy to be heading to the beach for perfect surf with a full day ahead of me, but unhappy because I had to lose gobs of money to be in this situation.

Finally, a cleansing.

Now I'm off to watch the new Wes Anderson movie. Hopefully, that completes my escape from the day.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. My apologies.

Virtual Office, $5830. Dow, -51.70, 13543.40.

Dehtrader, $686 on 7200 shares traded.
Evolution, $568 on 125,500 shares traded.
Akalawoo, $225 on 10 contracts traded.
OBAT, $140 on 8400 shares traded.
Wincity, no trades.
Stewie, vacation.
Denarii, -$29 on 1800 shares traded.
Me, -$2247 on 52,800 shares traded.

Lots of good numbers in the VO today, nice to see traders taking money from the market.

If you'll notice, I fucking sucked.

Anyway, I was out of the market and trading by 11:00 so I don't have too much color. Let's just say I hate things. I spent the day in the water, trying to get out of my head and into my body.

Perhaps more on that later... until then.

The Hybrid Market Is A Piece Of Shit

More later...

Citigroup Faceplant

Well, I know bloggerdotcom is off somewhere shaking his head at the television with the news that Citigroup is going to write down even more... like $6 to $10 billion more for their exposure to CDOs and subprime debt.

Bob Dylan said "the darkest hour is right before the dawn" but I'm kind of getting the feeling that it's 9pm and we're only on our third drink.

Dawn is still a long way off.

Anyway, the futures are gapping down big which, as far as trading is concerned could potentially suck. I'm hoping for a gap down, a strong bounce and then a new plunge to lows.

That, would be "Wombat" worthy.

NOTE: In other news from Blogistan, "the Fly" may be putting the shutters on his blog, due to increasing competion from a certain Dinosaur.