Friday, May 2, 2008

Black Lips, "FAD"

No daily post tonight... this video is far more exciting.

Virtual Office, $164. SPY, +0.39, $141.58.

OBAT, $670 on 7800 shares traded.
Timmay, $20 on 1000 shares traded.
Me, $14 on 11,200 shares traded.
Retardo, vacation.
Ainkurn, -$157 on 450 shares traded.
Denarii, -$383 on 9600 shares traded.

Today was a perfect consolidation day. All the trades that have worked the last few days (long financials, short oil, coals, ags) reversed slightly on lower volume. The indexes, though they started higher, sank all day, flatlined, and then pushed positive again in the last hour of trade.

It was a snoozer for me, but I know there was lots of money made today in prop world.

Anyway, it was pretty much a snoozer for the VO as well, except for OBAT, current mayor of "Cake City." He had his second above average day in a row.

Hopefully, next week, we get some more follow through on the trends that were started this week.

It's gonna be a rainy weekend here, so I should have some time to get some good research done. I also plan on preparing for my first paid blogging stint at "the Fly's" place next Tuesday. Make sure you visit, May 6th, 4pm to midnight.

Oh, and check out Timmay's new site. I think it's a little busy, but he has a lot of bling to fit into such a small space.

Ali Velshi: "Hairless Prophet Of Doom"

I think it's time for Comedy Central to have a 24 hour news channel. Just saying...

Anyway, here's last night's skit on our struggling economy with special attention paid to President Bush's "wand." Oh, and I guess they hate Ali Velshi too...

Special Message To SUV Drivers

STFU! Gas is cheap here. Go move to the mideast or Venezuela if you don't like it. (h/t WSF)

(By the way... that's a lightening bolt, coming out of the clear blue sky to fry the Hummer. My photoshopping skills are legendary and available to you for $400 an hour. Email for details.)

Santelli Smacks Liesman

I was feeling a little dry this morning... I was hoping for some wisdom from Art Cashin, so I switched on CNBC.

They were discussing the FEDs action this morning... I don't know what the FED did. They increased the TAF or something... I don't care anymore. I just figure they're doing all they can to make sure the stock market can never sell off again. God Bless America.

Anyway, Steve Liesman was talking, and Santelli chimed in with a comment. Liesman, looking hurt said something like, "Rick, I let you finish, now I'd like it if you let me finish."

Santelli fired back with, "Steve, I've said this before... you put your IRA up and I'll put my IRA up and we'll trade them and see who can retire!" This comment caused a manly cheer to erupt behind Santelli from the Chicago pits.

They turned the camera to Liesman. He looked hurt, as if he was about to cry.

Carl Quintanilla was shown chuckling and then they cut to commercial.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the video... CNBC should let people embed. Anyway, Santelli comes on around the 3:40 mark, and it gets awkward around 4:20. Later, they shot some rounds again, in this video, at the 3:15 mark. Just click the links, and then you can drag the ball to where you want to view the video from...

Funny Photos

Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos - Watch more free videos

Also, the May 6th election over at IBC is heating up. Here's a look at where the candidates stand right now.