Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Go to EvolutionTrading for the Virtual Office stats today.



Daily Show with McCain last night

Not to get too political... but if Jon Stewart worked for CNN instead of Comedy Central, our country might be in a better place.

I could find no link to this on YouTube, but if you think about things, and by "things" I mean the Iraq war, then check out the interview from last night, here.

Have a good night. I'm off to an event for the rest of the day.

Virtual Office Hosted By Evolution Trader Today

Good afternoon.

Besides trading, I also eat. So this afternoon, I have to leave early for a dinner.

Evolution Trading is being kind enough to post the P&Ls of the VOers today.

So today, go check out his site.

The Noon Glance

Not too pretty today... I've taken too many midrange losers. This will be the last noonglance for at least a couple of days.

Going to experiment with removing the P&L entirely from my ES per advice from Misstrade who has been around the trading block a few times...

P&L -$282