Thursday, November 1, 2007

Virtual Office Poll

The Virtual Office chews traders up and then spits them out. Lately, the rate of turnover has increased.

Who will be the next to go?


The Mae Shi, "Run To Your Grave"

Great song, cool vid.

Incorrect State Of Mind

I churned my ass off today popping in and out of stocks.

I kept thinking, "the market is going to 0!" and then alternately, "the bottom is in, Dow 50,000!"

I sucked.

I made good money early and then throughout the day gave it away in dribs and drabs. Big drabs as far as DRYS is concerned. Pretty much lost a point every time I traded this stock.

I made good money in DSX on the long side and in FED and MTG on the short side. But the sad fact of the matter is, I didn't trade stocks well despite the fact that I made money. I didn't catch any good moves with any type of size.

It was very frustrating.

In fact, I'm already sick of talking about it. I'm turning the computers off and am going to get a lot of sleep tonight in hopes of doing better tomorrow.

Here's the stats:

Best, DSX, $953
Worst, DRYS,

75,800 shares traded.
22 stocks traded. 9 winners, 13 losers.
297 trades.

Virtual Office, $3822. Dow, -362.14, 13,567.87.

Evolution, $1484 on 65,400 shares traded.
Me, $1202 on 75,800 shares traded.
Misstrade, $1100 on 1000 shares traded.
OBAT, $208 on 11,600 shares traded.
Wincity, $70 on 600 shares traded.
Denarii, $65 on 5600 shares traded.
Akalawoo, no trades, zzzzz,
Stewie, vacation.
Dehtrader, -$307 on 6800 shares traded.

Wow, well we had a great day in terms of volatility rising as well as volume traded. Over at Wallstreak I tend to trade barbs with Mr. Ragin Cajun, a permabull. It's fine to be bullish, I often am... however, everyone needs to note that volume rises whenever this market sells off and retreats when it goes up. That's just not a bullish trend. We traded almost 1.8 billion shares today on the NYSE.

Fine, whatever! It's been like that since February... it may just be like that until the end of time. Dow 50,000... whatever.

I'm all for a rising market, but this bull market is 5 years old. That's more than a little long in the tooth.

The market is just like a growing tree; sometimes limbs need to be cut to keep the tree healthy.

Poetic, no?

Anyway, we gapped down a lot. I had a hard time really getting good intraday traction. It wasn't the blowout day that I expected here in the VO... go figure.

Meanwhile, go welcome Wincity.

NOTE: Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Maria Bartiromo is a big idiot for once again focusing on the MOC sell orders on a day when we're down 300+ points. I want her to mention the MOC sell orders the next time we're up 10 points on the Dow if they're so important to her.

New Member Of The VO

I don't know what it is... it's like they hover like sharks waiting for blood and then they attack! It seems that whenever a VO member decides they can't handle the extreme pressure of the VO another person steps in to fill the void.

However, in the case of Tapeworm dropping out, it's almost like addition from subtraction, but still, we'll just say there's a "void" to fill... (wink, wink!)

Anyway, we have a new member of the VO, starting today. His name is 'Wincity' and while that's a very positive name, I have no doubt that he too will soon fail and be forced to make an embarrassing exit from the VO, since 99.9999% of all daytraders lose money.

His blog is somewhat difficult to decipher. But for those who figure it out it could make you millions and millions and millions of dollars.

Exclusive Footage! MtM Members Lay Siege To VO

Watch as the entire gaggle of "movethemarket-ers" lay siege to the VO after the announcement of Tapeworm's departure.

Of course, it's exactly this type of crowd activity and mob mentality that cannot be explained by lines and algorithms...

Meanwhile, note to MtMers... it's a "virtual" office... it cannot be destroyed.

Another One Bites The Dust

Listen, in the world of the VO, only the strong survive.

I tell the pikers (and futures traders) before they join, "Look, you're a piker and you'll never "make it" but if you want to risk everything for the glory of joining the VO, then be my guest."

Some join, many face the honest truth that they are pikers and move on. Don't forget, 99.9999% of all daytraders lose money... joining the VO doesn't change that statistic.

So, Tapeworm is gone.

It started with posting the porn over at MtM. I mean, you have Mr. Rodgers and a gaggle of old astrophysics majors trying to figure out the market with special graphs and squiggly lines and then out of nowhere, Tapeworm starts posting porn on their site. Was this just a desperate attempt to boost traffic over there? or was it the first signs of Tapeworm becoming unglued.

Who knows?

Soon, I expect MtM to set up a "sweatshop cam" or something in order to entertain the masses.

Fare thee well, Tapeworm! I'm sure that you will be readily absorbed into the shadows of this world, never to be seen again.

NOTE: I've just been handed a note by special courier... it is written in code but I've been led to believe it is a new request to join the VO by another stock trader.

The Wombat Beckons... Come Hither Volatility!

Stock Earnings For Thursday November 1st

First day of November trading. Let's start off the right way!

I'll be watching the following...


Meanwhile, the futures are getting beaten. Perhaps now that the FED decision is behind us the market is free to act in a rational matter again. I mean, people are going to have to deal with the $100 oil thing soon...

Oh, and CROX is getting smacked. That makes me feel warm inside. Sorry, Goddess.

Perhaps that will give them less money to fund their world domination. Also, I think CROX are made of plastic... surely, they are not biodegradable. In fact, they are definitely made of plastic and they are definitely not biodegradable. Worse yet, they are going to make ugly plastic clothing to match their ugly plastic, non-biodegradable shoes. Thanks, CROX.

Can you imagine when the fad ends, the way they'll be piling up in landfills?

And think.... they'll still be there when our grandchildren are having kids. Sigh...

Why Media Ownership Needs To Be Spread Thin

Bruce Springsteen has a new #1 album that is on it's way to being Platinum (take note, JJ). Meanwhile, it's not getting radio airplay. Why not? Click here to find out.