Friday, January 9, 2009

Souls Of Mischief, "93 'Til Infinity"

No word from Trader N, so I'll post something I think the RO will find worthy.

The RO Report, "Grind" Edition

This market is getting scary. Every trader I knew thought we had a lot to look forward to in January and instead, we're getting a really awful trading market.

Or things have just changed and it's time to adapt again. A whole new learning curve, just when you thought you had it sussed.

But that's the game we play. Adapt or die.

I lost a bit today. For the month, I'm flat. I'll take it. Preserve your capital and keep studying. There's an edge that you have to find.

Again, the numbers are similar. Out of 28 traders today, 17 were gross positive, or 61%. 4 traders made over $1,000 and 6 traders lost over $1,000. I was #15 of 27. Lame, but I'm trying lots of new stuff. The Manservants win again.

"Chambermaid" - Trader B, -$25,258 on 684k shares traded.

2. Trader D, -$17,805 on 187k shares traded.
3. Trader H*, -$3,228 on 15,000 shares traded.
4. Trader L, -$1,539 on 34,600 shares traded.
5. Trader 8, -$1,456, on 12,800 shares traded.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader N, $5,686 on 80,800 shares traded.

2. Trader Z, $2,293 on 124k shares traded.
3. Trader 9*, $1,657 on 0 shares traded.
4. Trader P, $1,009 on 68,400 shares traded.
5. Trader F, $740 on 137k shares traded.


I'd like to hear what Danny thinks about these guys. Fast forward to 2:20. Just, sick!


Another life saved by "The Secret."

How about a Fund of Fund of Funds?

Okay, I'm a little twisted, but I can watch this over and over...

Hilarious predictions for 2009. My favorite? "Axl Rose withdraws Chinese Democracy, saying he needs just a little more time to work on it." Meanwhile, vote Jon Swift.


Animal Collective is one of my favorite bands. Their new album just got an amazing review. 9.6 from Pitchfork doesn't happen often.

In a public relations effort, Thai police are wearing smiley-face masks.

Did you know that elephants can feel grief?

Calvin & Hobbes on the financial crisis.

Hard to watch but important to see.