Monday, December 15, 2008

Third Eye Blind, "Semi-Charmed Life"

Dew-dew-dew, dew-dew-dew-FUCK YOU! This song, this band... SUCKS.

The RO Report, "RIP Wealth" Edition

Okay, so I'm being a bit over the top there, but I did lose money today for the first time in a long time. Add to that some new fears among my office mates that we're in for some rough sledding and I'm spooked.

Anyway, I have a lot to say today but little time. Unfortunately, I have to get right to the numbers.

Out of 27 traders today, 16 were gross positive, or 59%. 8 traders made over $1,000 gross, while 3 traders lost over $1,000 gross. I was #22 of 27. Lightly smoked.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader D, $13,261 on 161,000 shares traded.

2. Trader Z, $10,817 on 153k shares traded.
3. Trader B, $4,903 on 207k shares traded.
4. Trader P, $3,552 on 179k shares traded.
5. Trader E, $3,157 on 102k shares traded.

"Chambermaid" - Trader N, -$16,210 on 162k shares traded.

2. Trader H*, -$3,051 on on 9,500 shares traded.
3. Trader 9*, -$2,914 on 1,500 shares traded.
4. Trader R, -$277 on 9,800 shares traded.
5. Trader 7, -$195 on 22,000 shares traded.

Also, since I lost money and no one sprayed, today is the first time in awhile that I'm forced to post bad music as punishment.

Can You Figure Out The Metaphor Here?

As it pertains to my trading day...

(h/t "Holy Taco")

Smoked Myself Early

Notice the wording on that title. I just traded like an idiot, trading way too much size on a dead day. There's absolutely no volume.

Specifically, what I did was try to short JPM with size through $29. Apparently, that's a very sticky area today and I got chopped.

I'll come back in the afternoon and try to shave this loss. Ahead of the Fed meeting tomorrow, you should be hitting singles, not swinging for homeruns. Word to the wise.

Inspiration For Stock Traders