Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Wins in a Landslide

Not even close - after watching both speeches, Hillary Clinton clearly out spoke, and in my humble opinion, outshone Michelle Obama.

And here is some perspective that you would never hear from DT: Whoever dressed Michelle Obama last night in a blue-green dress that completely blended into the blue background is an idiot. It is all about the contrasting colors! Note the bright orange pantsuit that Clinton wore - ugly? Hell yes.

But she definitely didn't blend into the background, now did she?

Vintage Video of DT

Little known fact: Dinosaur Trader used to take dance classes as a tot. In a tragic twist, his older sister became the more famous dancer of the two, dashing his dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Here is some rare video that may, or may not, feature DT.

A Trifecta!

Gotta love You Tube. First, I know for a fact that the song "Wise Up" by Aimee Mann is beloved by the Dinosaur Trader. Actually, the sister likes it too. So, imagine my delight when I find a video featuring Sawyer, the ultimate bad boy from Lost. DT hates any mass produced television show, even a great one like Lost.

So, I complete the trifecta by posting it tonight, when Hillary speaks at the DNC. It is too late for Obama to "wise up" however, since he has passed her over as veep. Mark my words - she'll be back!