Thursday, July 10, 2008

June 2008 Stock Trading Review

A bullish chart, no?

Compare it to last month's chart and it looks like progress has been made.

I'm happy with a number of developments from June. While I missed my monthly profit target of $300 a day, or $6000 for the month, by a wide margin, I made significant progress in other areas.

First of all, I was positive for 14 of the 21 trading days, or 2 out of every 3 days. That's getting close to my 75% win rate target. Also, considering that I only had 2 days where I lost over $100 bucks, those 7 loss days weren't that bad overall. In fact, 3 of those loss days were for under $25.

I limited my losses nicely and I'm happy about that.

I also had a setback midmonth and I successfully put it behind me, as I finished the month at my highs.

Finally, I passed the goddamn Series 55 and started trading Nasdaq stocks... in short, I made a little money, but made a lot of progress.

Going forward, I feel good setting the same profit goal of $300 a day for July with the 75% win rate. I'm lowering my max loss day to $400 from $500 and actually, hope I don't even get close to it.

Here's the full stats. Next month, I'll include "shares traded" in the stats... I'm pretty sure my average shares traded per day went down again from May to June.