Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Virtual Office, -$48. Dow, -108.78, 12,160.30.

Tokyo, $205 on 6605 shares traded.
$122 on 3000 shares traded.
OBAT, $74 on 2000 shares traded.
Me, -$449 on 8200 shares traded.

Looks like we're back in the volume doldrums for awhile. Last week I got prematurely excited about the volume coming into the market. We reached (gasp!) 1.4 billion shares a couple of days, and I thought for a moment that perhaps we would avoid a summer slowdown.

Wrong. Today was one of the lowest volume days of the year as we failed to reach even 1.1 billion traded on the NYSE.

And naturally, this has changed the trading landscape somewhat. Today, the market chopped lower, grinding its way back below 12,200 on the Dow.

I should have listened a little closer to the message that the market sent me yesterday. While I didn't have any one disaster, almost every position I entered failed. That's just a clear sign to wait this market out... however, the rest of the VO did well. And the last information I have for my RO was pretty good... about 2/3 of the traders were positive, and the range was $7853 to -$1003. I was #20 of 26 today which accurately reflects my poor performance.

Meanwhile, no word from Timmay in two days... and this after I streamed his damn live show all day on Friday... could a firing be imminent?

I'm not sure if I'll have a daily post up this evening. I'm heading off to the beach for a full moon chanting session. Clearly, Judy is in the driver's seat around here... so I'll just post the bad music now.

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Boycott John Chow said...

I notice he only updates whenever he's positive ;)