Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Pixies, "Ana"

Points for whoever can figure out the "secret message" of this song. And no, it has nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe...

Hint: The last line of the song...

ALSO: My blogroll is still fucked up... apologies. I will soon have plenty of time to fix this place up a bit.

The RO Report, "Porn Thursday" Edition

Okay, not sure if I'll be getting the numbers this evening. I know it was a tough day overall, with Trader Z being the only one up size, $8k. There were a couple of large drawdowns (Trader A was down $11gs by noon) and then a lot of static in between... about 50% were up and 50% were down.

I was up. At noon, I was #6 of 25 traders.

Look, summer is officially here. It's not even Friday and we BARELY edged over a billion shares on the NYSE. My advice to you... don't churn a sleepy market. It is a good way to kill your confidence and "ass mangle" your capital.

I will update this post should I get the numbers.

Go watch the Zorb video again... it's classic.

See you tomorrow.

Getting Closer...

While the shark has disappeared, the first storm is intensifying and moving due west, towards the Gulf. Expect this to become a topic of discussion on CNBC over the next couple of days if it develops into a hurricane.

Action Colleen!

This may be one of my favorite Internet videos ever... if only the Zorb could get to CNBC headquarters to take out Maria...

Hot Reporter Completely Owned by Zorb - Watch more free videos

NOTE: I'm seriously addicted to this video... it's perfect.

Another Guy Who Shouldn't Be A Trader

Old guy would lose his shirt... "sonamabich" behind the counter on the other hand, has a good shot at success.

Angry Old Man Cant Take a Joke - Watch more free videos