Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Interrupt This Hijacking

For those of you around from the beginning of Dinosaur Time, you will note that DT hates to fly. It is one of the few things we share in common as siblings.

Unfortunately, I will be 36,000 feet up in the air for most of the next two days, but feel free to email me your accolades and your respect for the Lloyd Dobbler posting below.

Fear not, I will reward your silly patience with a special posting Thursday evening to celebrate what DT lamely refers to as "Porn Thursday."

The Best 80s Movie

I love Lloyd Dobbler. DT probably thinks he is a douche-bag, which is why I chose to put this clip up for his 23 viewers. If you don't feel Lloyd's pain at the end of this clip, then you are clearly a republican robot. Seriously.

Go Hillary!

Thanks to DT and his fanatic support, my girl was pushed to the side by the "non-politician" - the "I'm not going to play with those Washington bad boys" - the "a different kind of politics" Obama.

Hmmm, I'm sorry, but hasn't OBAMA turned into quite the politician lately? Flipping over and changing sides more often than a gay cowboy. (note to any gay cowboys who read this now 10th tiered blog: sorry.)

The point is, the sister thinks Hillary would have had the cahones to beat McCain. Obama? Not so much....

Feel free to send my brother "I told you the fuck so" emails when McCain beats Obama, and raises the price of organic granola to $72 a box.