Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will You Vote For Steven Colbert?

If you're where I'm at, then you probably understand that it doesn't matter who is president. I'd much rather have someone up there who would be fun to watch.

Can you imagine Hillary or Guiliani for 4 years? No thanks. Glumsville.

So, the new poll question is:

"If Steven Colbert really did run for President of the United States, would you even consider voting for him?"

I mean, have fun with this, okay?

Here's an op-ed written by Mr. Colbert outlining his positions. (h/t L.C)

Fox Business Network Will Fail

If you people know anything that is.

You answered the poll question "Will You Watch Fox Business News?" with a resounding "no!"

Out of 58 total votes, 31 of you said you wouldn't watch the propaganda network. That's 53%, or, a landslide.

Of the 27 or 46% of you who voted "yes" I assume you were really just voting against CNBC. I understand your frustration.

Colbert For President!

Finally! Someone I can vote for!

I mean, this is the first time in my voting life where I'm seriously considering not voting at all. What good will it do us to elect Hillary? or any of the front running Republicans? Nothing will change.

What we need is radical change. Steven Colbert will provide us with radical change.

In fact, he's probably the only man that can deliver our country from the embers of Iraq and make us smile about it.

And now for the new poll question. If Steven Colbert really did run for president, would you vote for him? It will be up shortly. Go vote.

"Washing Machined"

Click below for the proper sound effects while reading this post...

When surfing, if you get hit by a big wave and then held under for a few seconds, my friends and I call it getting "washing machined." Maybe you're more poetic, fine. Whatever, share your thoughts below.

Anyway, I made money today but still, I was "washing machined." In the morning I came in and made a lot of good trades. My best were made shorting EXM.

Still, when I checked my P&L around midday I was down. WTF? Well, I got slammed trying to short FXI a few times and then I lost over $500 in DSL. Again. I think DSL has been my worst stock for the last few weeks. In fact, I can't remember the last time I even made a good trade in the fucker. Off the screens!

So that kind of messed with my head... thinking I was up when actually, I was down close to $500.

The next thing that messed with me was Judy telling me at 11:00 that her mother was coming over in an hour so that she could go and teach her yoga class.

Now, normally I have wonderful relations with my in-laws. But when I'm losing money I don't really have good relations with anyone.

As it turned out, my daughter wanted no part of grandma today. When Judy left, all she did was cry for me. So I'm upstairs watching the market deteriorate (just after noon) and building short positions in all the "strong" stocks while I'm listening to this complete shitfest downstairs.

So, I went downstairs, grabbed my daughter and told them both to come upstairs in the office (where the only TV in the house is) to watch "Mary Poppins." So that was life at 12:30 here, trading large positions of strong stocks while my mother in law and my daughter were 4 feet away watching Mary Fucking Poppins.

Washing machined.

Anyway, somehow I managed to focus enough during this time to make some money. At one point, I was up over $1500. However, once the afternoon hit I got this urge to start shorting FXI again. That's when I started throwing money out the door.

The worst thing is that I short 50 shares in my swing account. I was filled 4 points away from the market, at $213. I called in to complain and they told me the trade would stand and that I'd have to write to some dude to try and get my trade fixed. Great! But what do I do with the shares now? "Act as if the trade will stand."

So, I got filled 4 points away from the market and the NYSE tells me that's the way they do business. Thank you Hybrid. There needs to be some accountability there... it can't all be robots. Why? Well, remember February? Robots sometimes fuck up.

Anyway, so I'm a little crazy in the head right now because FXI is ripping my face off after hours too. It'll probably open at $230 effectively blowing up my "swing account." So much for that experiment.

Here's the stats:

EXM, $755
DSL, -$514

70,600 shares traded.
28 stocks traded. 12 winners, 16 losers.
267 trades.

Virtual Office, $6460. Dow, -20.40, 13,892.54.

Evolution, $1544 on 26,300 shares traded.
Me, $739 on 70,600 shares traded.
Akalawoo, $134 on 5 contracts traded.
Denarii, $25 on 2960 shares traded.

Momojuicing, fixing a house.
Tapeworm, -$55 on 2 contracts traded.
OBAT, -$89 on 12,000 shares traded.
Bubs, -$110 on 1500 shares traded.

I'm not really sure what to make of today's market. I guess you could say that the volume was "strong" since we got to around 1.4 billion shares traded.

It was nice to see the VIX rally midday, even if it means my lunch was messed up. However, I hated to watch it decline into the close. Basically, I make money when the VIX goes up and I lose it when the VIX goes down... it really seems to be that simple lately.

It was a mixed day in the VO. Most of the members made money but some did not. Early on I was down as well. I don't think it was a good morning for trade, you just had to be there when the market "puked itself" midday to make any money.

Meanwhile, after getting filled 4 points out of the money on an odd-lot short sale in FXI I hate the Hybrid Market all over again. There's just no accountability there. They blame the robots... whatever, fuck robots.

Basically, no matter how bearish I may feel I know the market is going higher. Dow 50,000.

Odyessey Marine, OMEX On CNBC

You heard it here first. Way to go, bloggerdotcom!

Click that link for his great article on this interesting company.

The Market Is Puking Itself

(h/t Doug at Wallstreak)

Brian Conley, "Nokans"

Truly amazing surf footage from inside the tubes. This guy has cameras mounted to the nose of his board. Even if you're not a surfer you'll enjoy these images.

Abbey Joseph Cohen

Is it me, or do they cart her out onto CNBC every time the futures gap up?

A Note On My Labels

It's hard to know what people do when they come to my site... it's harder yet for me to organize everything so that it's easy for you to find what you want to read.

The "Virtual Office" is easy enough. It comes up everyday normally between 4pm and 4:15 and it takes a second to read. It's a snapshot into how real traders performed trading the market.

My "Daily Trading Statistics" post, where I discuss the trades I actually made, comes up later but normally by 9pm or so.

Finally, everyday there's the music video. However, since not many of you deadbeats have expressed much interest in my musical tastes I've tried to broaden this out to some spoken word as well.

And then there's all the other stuff.

The "my history" posts (which I promise to start again soon) are my attempts to describe what it was like starting out as a trader in the big city. All names have been changed.

The "around the house" label encompasses my attempt to share portions of my life. I trade from home and sometimes it's hard to concentrate. I have a young daughter and a wife who are both in the house all day with me as I curse the markets.

The "surfing" posts describe my experiences surfing, but also include short readings about me buying egg sandwiches and stuff.

The "humor" and "politics" posts are pretty self explanatory. The "stock market humor" posts deal specifically with (gasp!) stock market humor!

One label that is quickly growing is the "CNBC stupidity" label. I mean, if you're forced to watch CNBC all day, you get to hear lots of stupid stuff. Here, I regurgitate that stupid stuff for your reading pleasure.

The "freaky hybrid trade of the day" posts have been dwindling lately. But they detail my specific frustrations with the NYSE Hybrid Market.

So I encourage you to go check out the right toolbar. There are many other labels there as well.

While they may not "make you money" they will keep you entertained as you trade and curse the markets along with me.

Wednesday Earnings

Nothing great.

I'll be keeping an eye on STLD, DSL, MAN, MTG, PJC and UTX.

Meanwhile, there was another late night discussion over at "the Fly's" place. A fun read, even if my blog was dismissed as a "third tier" rag.