Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will You Vote For Steven Colbert?

If you're where I'm at, then you probably understand that it doesn't matter who is president. I'd much rather have someone up there who would be fun to watch.

Can you imagine Hillary or Guiliani for 4 years? No thanks. Glumsville.

So, the new poll question is:

"If Steven Colbert really did run for President of the United States, would you even consider voting for him?"

I mean, have fun with this, okay?

Here's an op-ed written by Mr. Colbert outlining his positions. (h/t L.C)


JJ2000426 said...

I will vote for an AlGore/RonPaul ticket. Al Gore will save the planet earth while Ron Paul will save US Dollar and save this country.

I don't believe in Global Warming Theory. But Al Gore shows he is truely concerned about humanity's future.

Big rally on PGM prices going on. Don't you want to buy some palladium or buy some SWC?

KC Equity Trader said...

I'd like to see Mitt Romney get into the White House. The Democrats don't want him their and neither do the Republicans so he actually might do something good.

High Probability Trader said...

Totally agree with JJ on Gore and Paul. I don't want hillary, guliani, and I know nothing about Obama...

Voting for Colbert reminds me of that robin williams movie,,,
If it came down to it, I would vote for the gore, paul, or colbert, who-ever had the best chance at beating hillary,,,

the bushs', clintons', and that whole scene plan on controlling the planet by taking over all the natural resources. WWIII could happen, you'd think man would be more civilized, but we are the only species that kills our young and kills each other in masses in horrible torturous ways. "GOD BLESS AMERICA",,,,how about "THE WHOLE WORLD",,,
everyone is racist deep down inside, we are all programed from the minute we are born,
human civilization is doomed,
either from killing each other over resources and being the leader of the world,
or from destroying the planet by trying to be number one.
My post makes no sense probably,
I'm just sick of media,
extremely rich people,
me and my lame ass life,
another 50-70 years of bullshit to go,
FXI is fucking ridiculous,
I wish I had time to trade that POS
the stock market is the biggest ponzi scheme ever, but I'll trade it
I hate life and love life at the same time,
I'm tired,

Dinosaur Trader said...


I never thought I'd say this but I agree 100% on the Gore/Paul ticket. What a dream.


Dinosaur Trader said...


A man named Mitt? Not for me. I mean, he's way too shiney.


Wow. You've seriously become the guy from the movie Network. Good stuff though. You seem to have liberated yourself from something. I agree about the media. Life is beautiful.