Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fox Business Network Will Fail

If you people know anything that is.

You answered the poll question "Will You Watch Fox Business News?" with a resounding "no!"

Out of 58 total votes, 31 of you said you wouldn't watch the propaganda network. That's 53%, or, a landslide.

Of the 27 or 46% of you who voted "yes" I assume you were really just voting against CNBC. I understand your frustration.


Danny said...

that video was outlandish, wow.

CNBC is annoying, but rupert shall rue the day he made FBN so lame.

SerpentMage said...

FBN will do fine. Let me say now that FBN will get a larger crowd than CNBC. The reason I think why FBN will do well is because they are going after the Jim Cramer crowd without YET having a Jim Cramer type. But once they do, watch out!

FBN is aimed at the regular Joe who might invest a bit. CNBC is aimed at the professional's. For the average Joe CNBC is boring during the day. I personally like CNBC and I hate the fact that they made Squawkbox more "consumer friendly."

Dinosaur Trader said...


Well, I guess it could be successful.

Although I'll note that my readership has correctly predicted other important events, like my victory in the "deathmatch" with Ragin Cajun which put his blog on the brink of disaster.

Yeah, CNBC is going the wrong way with this as have CNN and MSNBC in their reaction to regular FOX news. They are dumbing shit down. FOX reports and assumes people are complete idiots. It's sad that the other news outlets are beginning to follow their lead.