Friday, January 16, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins, "Drown"

Congrats to Dinosister on leaving her old job and starting a new one.  Change is good.  Here's her song pick.  A surprisingly good one.


Yep... he's still there...

A Russian professor predicts the USA is going to split. At least the Northeast joins the EU...

Ever been pissed about getting a parking ticket? You'll relate to this.

I love this story. Rich guy fakes own death, found buying Bud Light Lime.

You didn't miss episode 1 of "the Fly Show" did you?


Greening the ghetto. Save the world and poor people at the same time. Sign me up. No wait, I hate the world and poor people... forget it.

This was an easy article to miss, but man did it depress me. Turn off the TV and video games and start parenting again people.

Bernie Madoff rapping. Okay, maybe the dude just looks exactly like him...

The Reformed Broker hates the bailout and Cafe Metro hates him.

Toyota wins again! They beat the Big 3 to hybrid, and now they'll get electric too.

Buy local and organic... buy local and organic...

Another reason to trade... no boss to kill you with a trident!

It didn't feel like it yesterday, but is volatility about to dry up?

I'm headed up to my mountain retreat for the long weekend. I'll try and get the RO report up, but no promises when. Trade well and stay warm.