Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Brief Introduction To Dinosaur Trader's World

I started this blog way back in March of 2007 because I thought the Hybrid Market was quickly making all daytraders extinct. Boy was I wrong!

Anyway, while a lot has changed around here since then, much has also remained the same.

Here is the current "publishing schedule."

Monday - Discuss a specific trade from the prior week.
Tuesday - Discuss a chapter from a classic book about trading.
Wednesday - History post
Thursday - Around the House or Humor post
Friday - Linkday! Some interesting links I found on the web in the last week.

The "anchor" of this blog is the "RO Report" which I post each evening at around 4:30. It consists of market commentary from a daytrader's perspective and the actual P&L totals for the traders in my office.

Now, I don't actually trade with people in an office... I trade (and in fact I'm writing this post) from a spare bedroom of the house that I share with my wife and young daughter. So I also write a bunch of posts about what it's like to trade from home... I call these my "around the house" posts.

Other posts I'm somewhat proud of are my history posts, which I will be focusing on in 2009. My ambitious goal is to publish one per week.

Finally, other interests of mine include politics, music, humor, surfing, the environment, and hating CNBC and the mainstream media in general. All of these topics work there way into my posts on a daily basis.

Thanks for visiting.


UPDATED: 1/2/08

So yeah, I stole the idea... big frigging whoop.

"Best Stock Market Blog Post" Award, 2007.

You worked hard all year blogging for pennies. You blogged and random idiots hiding behind weird Internet names said hateful things to you.

You were, in short, under-appreciated.

Still, you managed to come up with some great stuff. You looked the haters and non-believers in the eye and shook them with doubt.

With that I present your favorite posts of 2007, as chosen by those who wrote them.

Happy New Year!

"Alphatrends" Institutional Trading Benchmark A tawdry story of manipulation in which men try to best each other utilizing the VWAP.

"Attitude Trader" Where The Determination Is, The Way Can Be Found A story of determination. Summarized in the question, "Have I the soul of a slave or the soul of a free man?"

"BlueDog" Funny General Mills Analyst Call A glimpse into the machinations of corporate America and why they really do have our best interests at heart.

"Danny" F.U.P.A. A story of procrastination, and a hot, inflated F.U.P.A.

"Dehtrader" Time A story of a man who had awesome timing and a disturbing penchant for window cleanser.

"Denarii" How To Piss A DayTrader Off A sadistic tale that details the best way to annoy innocent daytraders.

"Dinosaur Trader" A Wolf In Wolf's Clothing A story about fear, greed and a psychopath named Peter.

"Exchanges" Blogging About NYSE Galacticnext Markets, 5 Billion Years From Now Proof that even robots, and the people who love them, have senses of humor.

"The Fly" The Important Matter Of Jack the Convict. A tragic story about a man, the fish he loved, and the woman who got between them.

"FX" Journal A story of temperance and setting obtainable goals... oh, and sex. Hot steamy sex!

"High Probability Trading" Elephant Poop Sized Reflection On My Trading Blow-Ups A story of hope about a man who lost $18,000 in one day trading the markets but lived to write about it and rebound.

"Howard 'The Godfather' Lindzon" CBS Acquires Wallstrip - You Can Make Money From Blogging!!! An inspiring tale of a below average looking man, a beautiful woman, and how together they milked the MSM for $5 million.

"Misstrade" Signs Of Tops That Was In A brief story about human nature, how it never changes, but always makes its folly obvious after the fact.

"Move The Markets" How To Be Consistently Profitable In The Markets Finally! Someone figured this out. You'll never have to read another blog post again... broken down by your favorite trekkie/pervert/emo kids at MtM.

"OBAT" A Positive Trading Attitude A moving story about a man, his love for the market, and his attempts to make the market love him back through positive vibes.

"Retard Trader" RIMMed Again A tale of stupidity, stubbornness and perhaps prescience.

"Ragin Cajun" Finding The Next Baidu-Like Move A loving story about a "third-tier blogger" and his quest to find a 100 point move in a stock.

"Trading Goddess" I Always Respect My Elders An earnest story of a woman, an aging woman, who is taking on the male-dominated world of stock blogs.

"Wall Street Fighter" You Know It's Been A Bad Day In The Market When... A humorous post about desperation in the face of difficult market conditions and ponies... hot sexy ponies.

"Wall Street Warrior" Dummy Trading Tip - Two Inside Bars Another helpful post from the sick and twisted mind of the Wall Street Warrior.

"Woodshedder" Bulls Grow A Pair, But Come Up Short A sticky tale about an emu, a bull, a bear and the hole that attracted them all.

Finally, honorable mention to Danny's video Search For Monster Java. Most blog posts are generated in a couple of minutes, to a couple of hours. This video took over a week to make. Kudos. It also vaulted Danny right out of the third-tier...

(Meanwhile, I kind of sprung this post on everyone last minute, during the "Interlude" when blog traffic has been light. I will update this post for the next few days, so if you want to be included, email me.)

Radiohead, "Scotch Mist" Webcast

Radiohead played a bunch of songs live off their new album for NYE. Check it out.

A Man Who Used His Interlude Well

Happy 2008!

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