Friday, October 31, 2008

TV On The Radio, "Wolf Like Me"

"Trader C" suggested I post Michael Jackson's "Thriller" tonight. But I couldn't find an embeddable copy. After a somewhat disturbing conversation I had with "Trader L," I nearly posted "I Am The Walrus." In the end, I've decided on a very creepy video to a great song. Have a safe Halloween and a "bangin'" weekend.

The RO Report, "Monsters Are Gay" Edition

I have to go fill a fire extinguisher with urine and spray old ladies. The RO post will be up later. The office did well.

UPDATE: Okay, back from hordes of screaming children and I'm still alive. My daughter has already worked out which piece of candy she'll be eating each day from here until Christams. Not a bad take...

Anyway, it was kind of a crappy trading day early on. We muddled around on little volume and melted higher. But the last 20 minutes were insane. We traded nearly a third of the entire day's volume in the last 20 and were treated to a nearly 200 point tank, followed by a 150 point rip.

Many traders were down before that last 20 and managed to finish the day significantly higher. "Trader P," while not on the boss list, made back a 6k loss. "Trader Z," made back a 5k loss and worked his way high onto the boss list.

It proves a lesson of trading... you gotta stick with it. You should never go on tilt and overtrade, but lately, the market normally gives you a chance to get it right. This isn't a market to give up on.

Anyway, out of 25 traders, 19 were gross positive or, 76%. The top 10 traders all made over $1,000 gross, while the bottom 3 all lost over $1,000 gross. That's a pretty solid way to finish the week. I was #10 of 25, or very happy considering my lame morning.

Here are today's Bosses:

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader B, $19,985 on 408k shares traded.

2. Trader C, $14,282 on 119k shares traded.
3. Trader Z, $14,276 on 117k shares traded.
4. Trader F, $11,120 on 123k shares traded.
5. Trader E, $8,922 on 176k shares traded.

And the Manservants:

"Chambermaid" - Trader T, -$1,313 on 4,100 shares traded.

2. Trader D, -$1,107 on 164k shares traded.
3. Trader X, -$1,097 on 26,000 shares traded.
4. Trader 3, -$616 on 6,800 shares traded.
5. Trader R, -$68 on 0 shares traded.

Bill Kristol Eviscerated On The Daily Show

If only other talking heads on Fox would smack him down so effortlessly. Great interview.

Deus Ex Machina

That means your computer is fucked by a ghost or some shit... I learned it in the second grade.

Anyway, today, my computer was indeed, fucked by a ghost. Fitting, since it's Halloween.

As one would expect, I hate Halloween, mostly because I hate crazy screaming children and their annoying "sugar highs." I also hate "emo teenagers" throwing eggs and playing with shaving cream.

But the real reason I hate Halloween today, is that my computer got fucked by a ghost and I wasn't able to trade the open. When I can't trade the open, I lose my entire feel for the day. Now, I'm sitting here watching the market "rip higher, yo" (according to Trader B) with no positions and I'm more bitter than usual.

So I guess I'll have to wait until the close.

My Halloween Costume

That's me walking by the smoldering remains of our economy dressed as a homeless Jim Cramer. Pretty scary, eh?