Friday, October 31, 2008

Deus Ex Machina

That means your computer is fucked by a ghost or some shit... I learned it in the second grade.

Anyway, today, my computer was indeed, fucked by a ghost. Fitting, since it's Halloween.

As one would expect, I hate Halloween, mostly because I hate crazy screaming children and their annoying "sugar highs." I also hate "emo teenagers" throwing eggs and playing with shaving cream.

But the real reason I hate Halloween today, is that my computer got fucked by a ghost and I wasn't able to trade the open. When I can't trade the open, I lose my entire feel for the day. Now, I'm sitting here watching the market "rip higher, yo" (according to Trader B) with no positions and I'm more bitter than usual.

So I guess I'll have to wait until the close.


Prospectus said...


DT, you are the First Tier of Third Tier bloggers!

Dinosaur Trader said...

Well I'm glad someone enjoyed that... it took me like, 10 minutes to make that drawing.