Friday, June 20, 2008

They Might Be Giants, "Don't Let Start"

"Wake up and smell the catfood in your bank account."


Meanwhile... RIP, iBC.

Virtual Office, -$201. Dow, -220.40, 11,842.69.

Timmay, $175 on 3000 shares traded.
Me, $16 on 4000 shares traded.
Denarii, -$79 on 6400 shares traded.
OBAT, -$126 on 3400 shares traded.
Tokyo, -$187 on 3019 shares traded.

The VO traded like a bunch women today. No volume, no risk taken, and no profits to show for it. Who needs Equine? Face it... we're a bunch of girls.

Not so for my RO. The midday data broke down like this... leader was up $10,175 and the laggard was down $2291. Remember, those numbers are gross. To make that kind of money, you have to trade a few hundred thousand shares typically, so commissions eat some of that up. I was #12 of 23 traders today...

Anyway, it was a somewhat eventful week for the market as we finally busted through 12k on the Dow. Volume today was ridiculous because of all the expirations. We traded over 2 billion. Expect more of the same next week, with the Russell Rebalancing.

I can't wait to get this exam out of the way so I can focus on trading again. See you Monday.

Don't "Get" My Sense Of Humor?

Well, bad news for you. You most likely have some significant damage to your parahippocampal gyrus.


You're an unevolved idiot. A caveman, if you will.

Tim Russert On The Daily Show

I'll be too busy today for posting until the VO. So until then, here's an old Daily Show clip with Tim Russert.