Friday, June 20, 2008

Virtual Office, -$201. Dow, -220.40, 11,842.69.

Timmay, $175 on 3000 shares traded.
Me, $16 on 4000 shares traded.
Denarii, -$79 on 6400 shares traded.
OBAT, -$126 on 3400 shares traded.
Tokyo, -$187 on 3019 shares traded.

The VO traded like a bunch women today. No volume, no risk taken, and no profits to show for it. Who needs Equine? Face it... we're a bunch of girls.

Not so for my RO. The midday data broke down like this... leader was up $10,175 and the laggard was down $2291. Remember, those numbers are gross. To make that kind of money, you have to trade a few hundred thousand shares typically, so commissions eat some of that up. I was #12 of 23 traders today...

Anyway, it was a somewhat eventful week for the market as we finally busted through 12k on the Dow. Volume today was ridiculous because of all the expirations. We traded over 2 billion. Expect more of the same next week, with the Russell Rebalancing.

I can't wait to get this exam out of the way so I can focus on trading again. See you Monday.


wincity said...

Good luck on your exam, DT, even though I have no idea why you need to take an exam to trade 4-letter stocks.

wincity said...

The guy who made over $10K in your RO: is he the same guy who's making the big numbers every day? Does he share his secrets?

HPT said...

I made $14.95 today if that makes you feel better DT.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Piker... I kicked your ass.


Dinosaur Trader said...


It's been the same two at the top all week. They've also been the bottom guys... so they make a lot, and also lose a lot occasionally.

As for the 55, if you trade for a prop firm, it's a requirement to trade Nasdaq stocks. I don't really know why either... but it's been like that at every place I've worked.


Dinosaur Trader said...
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A. said...

Hey! I'm a woman and today I traded over 50,000 shares (but I was down), and yesterday I traded over 40,000 (successfully). You wish you traded like a woman, DT.

TV107 said...

the market hasnt changed
why do u care so much about nyse volume

all the volume is on arca, nsdq, and bats

who cares about nyse open book

just look at level ii depth

ur making 14 bucks a day and people in ur office making up to thousands
makes no sense to me

The Lonely Trader said...

So what ever happened to Equine? Can't find her epitaph in the virtual cemetary.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Hey, good to see you. Equine was only in the VO for like, 2 weeks, and never emailed me to tell me she was leaving... She also discontinued her blog... so, no cemetary


Dinosaur Trader said...


Join the VO! TV, you too.

As for the market changing, I disagree. It's changed dramatically in just the last year and a half. Some trading styles felt the switch to hybrid more than others... mine felt the change strongly. Many of the guys who started when I started and traded similarly, are struggling as well.

As for the guys in my office making loads of money, it's pretty much limited to 3 of 25 guys and they all trade like animals. It's hard to compare someone trading less than 10k shares a day, with someone trading over 200k a day.

What's your style? Fess up.