Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beat Happening, "Hot Chocolate Boy"

The RO Report, "Moss" Edition

While you were fucking around in the stock market, I was playing "fairy" with my daughter as I cleaned out a moss bed on the side of the house. I don't get you, with your house and your big lawn. It makes no sense. Get some moss. You don't have to mow it, it's green all year, and it's beautiful. Better for the environment and better for you. Plus, fairies thrive in moss, everyone knows that. Go ahead, make the layup joke you idiot. You think you're funny? No...

Anyway, I'm taking tomorrow off also. Then, come Monday I'll be doing things differently. I have a plan, don't you worry. I drew out all of the "slush" funds from my trading account and will basically be starting over. This will naturally make me focus more on risk. If there is one thing I know about myself it's that I am at my best when my back is against a wall.

It was a good day for the RO. An interesting day actually, as Trader B and his swing account snagged the #1 and #2 positions, while Trader Z and his swing account snagged the bottom two positions. Technically, this is a "George Michael" and a "Double Dong" in the same day which is pretty amazing. A "George Michael Double Dong" if you will.

"Lucky Pierre" - Trader H*, $10,851 on 37,500 shares traded.

2. Trader B, $10,513 on 515k shares traded.
3. Trader D, $9,331 on 386k shares traded.
4. Trader F, $4,022 on 103k shares traded.
5. Trader E, $1,822 on 178k shares traded.

"Chambermaid" - Trader Z, -$6,336 on 226k shares traded.

2. Trader M*, -$771 on 0 shares traded.
3. Trader 8, -$223 on 6,200 shares traded.
4. Trader 1***, -$162 on 5,200 shares traded.
5. Trader 6*, -$86 on 1,500 shares traded.

***The old Trader 1 left the company. Trader 1 is a new trader. Update all your excel sheets.