Friday, November 16, 2007

Unionizing The "Peanut Gallery"

I am interrupting this "hiatus" to announce my intention to unionize the "Peanut Gallery" over at "the Fly's" new nightmare of a blog, I Bank Coin.

While he plans on "crushing" all of the "third tier" bloggers via the Peanut Gallery, I am calling for a boycott of said gallery, until we are paid for our efforts.

Watch the news Mr. Fly? See what's happening over in Hollywood?

In time, your blog will lose it's shine without the "the Gallery" as people tire of Woody's posts on technical analysis (he's Southern, and therefore suspect) and realize that "Mini-me," or, Danny, is just like you but a little dumber. Meanwhile, it's my strong suspicion that "Mr. Bilderberg" is no more than a friend of yours that you used to play wiffle-ball with when you were a kid. He's living with his parents still... I'm sure of it. Jeremy seems legit, despite his poor taste in music.

In short, pay the "Peanut Gallery" or be crushed by it via bad PR.

"Power to the Peanuts."

NOTE: I will be back, "full time" after Turkey week is over. Until Thanksgiving passes, I will be posting only sporadically. Thank you for your patience as I practice yogic breathing and reconnect with my "inner Dinosaur."