Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why You Need To Watch The Daily Show

I found this clip over on Complacent Panda's site under the inspired title "You stay away from truth, because it's not your friend; it's against what you believe. You instead construct a story, and get that out however you can."

Seriously, Dogwood, check this one out. This is why you should not watch Fox news.

Anyway, one of the best Daily Show clips I can remember. No matter your politics, check it out, because both sides need to understand that we're constantly spun.

And here, a bonus clip... at least watch the first 6 minutes. The comparisons between Bush's acceptance speech and McCain's are chilling. McSame.

New Orleans To Be Spanked By Ike?

Perhaps that "homosexual rally" that McCain supporter Hagee said caused Katrina is still plaguing the city. Damn homosexuals causing hurricanes left and right!

Watch those oil stocks.