Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why You Need To Watch The Daily Show

I found this clip over on Complacent Panda's site under the inspired title "You stay away from truth, because it's not your friend; it's against what you believe. You instead construct a story, and get that out however you can."

Seriously, Dogwood, check this one out. This is why you should not watch Fox news.

Anyway, one of the best Daily Show clips I can remember. No matter your politics, check it out, because both sides need to understand that we're constantly spun.

And here, a bonus clip... at least watch the first 6 minutes. The comparisons between Bush's acceptance speech and McCain's are chilling. McSame.


Jorge said...

Thursday's show was the best when Jon Stewart said F*** You to the audience for being volunteers.

Bluedog said...

Great link, DT. Same Americans will fall for it again. Let's hope the voters wake up after 8 years of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Fox News, DT, I don't watch any TV news and haven't for years. Sorry to disappoint.

And if you're relying on Stewart or anyone else on TV to deliver you the truth, well, you're one sad puppy dog.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I apologize for the faulty assumption. Indeed, you're correct that the TV isn't a first rate provider of "truth." However, will you admit that many who tend to agree with your political viewpoints are "served" by Fox News?


JakeGint said...

Many who agree with your viewpoint are "served" by the entire media, Fishlips.

Get a clue, maybe after the Obama deathslide, m'kay?

Soulfire said...

Awesome clip of catching Faux news in their doublespeak.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Just because the right wing media whines all the time that the entire media is biased, doesn't mean it's so.

Enjoy that brainwashing.