Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dinosaur Trader's Music: Golden Smash Hits

Lots of readers come here because they like to read about me losing money. But a fair number also find my blog because they search for music in Google and find it here. Fewer come in seach for happiness... admittedly, they often leave disappointed.

Anyway, my ultimate motive in this blog is not to educate people about the stock market. In the end, I want you all to like my music and to stop spraying pesticides. If you think that writing about stocks everyday is a strange way to meet that goal, well, you have a decent point.

Nonetheless, in my quest to further brainwash you, here is a brand new playlist of some of the music I have featured here on the blog over the past few months. I am embedding it in this post, but I will also embed it permanently over on the right sidebar.

I suggest you come here, open the blog in the morning, click play, and trade away.


Pavement, "Frontwards"

One of my all-time favorite tracks from Pavement. I thought it was a good pick to start the week. No one can tell you if the market will be heading up or down this week. However, without a doubt, it will be moving "frontwards." Enjoy.

"I've got style, miles and miles, so much style that it's wasted..."

NOTE: Only 2 days left to vote in the poll. Do you think the Dow will see 12,500 or 14,000 next? Please vote by clicking over on the right hand sidebar. It's an anonymous poll, you do not need any type of account to vote. So far, the bears are winning.

Stock Earnings, August 6th, 2007

Here's your small "cloud" of earnings plays for Monday.


Slim pickings on the earnings front. However, something tells me that mother market will be somewhat volatile anyway, so you should have no problem finding stocks on the move.