Monday, September 17, 2007

Sue Teller Mashes It Up

I guess this will count for your "music video" today...

Quiet Before The Storm?

Man, this stock has ran 20% in the last 5 sessions. Clearly, money is being put to work in the name, but still, it needs to take a breath soon.

Unfortunately, today wasn't the day. And, I got short...

So I got smoked, losing about $750 in LVS, the gambling stock. How apt.

Anyway, otherwise, I did well today. I got short LAZ at around $41.90 and made a little over a half point in the guy.

I also stayed short some overnight. Hopefully, LEH posts a bomb, freaks the market out therefore allowing me to cover with a quick gain. My worry is that this trade seems almost too easy and obvious... we'll see. Heck, the Fly" is short... as long as the same "fat mountain bitches" who run CWTR don't run LAZ I think it could work out.

Other shorts that worked in my favor were KMT, DSX, HXM and AMG.

I traded lightly today... just trying to have a positive day before the storm tomorrow. I need to rebuild confidence here since we may be headed for some volatility.

Also, I don't remember whether or not I've brought this up here earlier, but I think the market is fucked tomorrow no matter what happens. It's run back up here on really light volume. I bet tomorrow we'll see a sell off on higher volume despite what Uncle Ben does for us.

Anyway, go vote on my damned poll. Also, if you're a stock trader and want to join the VO, email me. I need to shake it up a bit.

Here's the stats:

P&L, $250
Best, LAZ, $524
Worst, LVS,

14,000 shares traded.
8 stocks traded, 6 winners, 2 losers.
70 trades.

Virtual Office, $3747. Dow, -39.10, 13403.42.

Misstrade, $3390 on 11,500 shares traded.
Me, $250 on 14,000 shares traded.
Denarii, $182 on 4000 shares traded.
Tapeworm, no trades.
Akalawoo, no trades.
OBAT, vacation.
Evolution, vacation.
Bubs, -$75 on 1200 shares traded.

Damn the VO was lame today. The majority of the traders took off, leaving it up to Misstrade to make money. Ah, to be Misstrade... the man has had like, 3 down days since March.

Volume today was pathetic enough to actually make me angry with the market. We traded a lousy 1,103,448,000 shares. That's like, 1998 levels or something silly like that.

I mean, that volatility in August looks like a big tease right now. I hope we heat up again after the FED announcement tomorrow otherwise I'm going to go back to worrying about my future.

So despite a heated debate about "R" today, not much happened here. All eyes will be on the FED tomorrow. I, for one, can't wait. I'M SICK OF ALL THE FED TALK!!!

A New Poll

I've always made fun of the "hillbillies" over at MovetheMarkets for measuring their trading performance in "R." Currently, we are having a friendly debate about "R" and it's usefulness. At least I'm being friendly... I can tell Richard hates me.

I've always found dollars and cents to be a perfectly fine metric for measuring how good or bad a trade was. It works like this... if I make a lot of money, it was a good trade. If I lose a lot, it was a bad trade.

Anyway, I'm interested to see how many of you measure your trades in terms of "R" as opposed to dollar value.

My feeling is that unless I can pay for my daughter's college education with some type of "R" certificate (Dino-Dollars?) that I'll stick to measuring my performance in dollars and cents.

So, here is the poll: Is "R" a useful tool for measuring the success of a trade or does your account total already do that?

"Bears Are Godless Killing Machines"

I'm extremely bearish going into the FED meeting tomorrow. Someone give me some good bull arguments to even out my trading. I'm missing every long...

The Market, 5 Billion Years From Today

It seems that Ray and the NYSE are already planning ahead.

Note the dig on NASDAQ... I loved that!

He needs a spot on Conan.

Me and LVS

I got short LVS this morning... a little "early."

This is what it felt like...

Hopefully it won't see $124 or above for the rest of the day. If that happens, I'll take off the rest of the afternoon and wait for the fireworks tomorrow.

How Could You Censor Gidget?

That's right! Censoring in the USA... watch those opinions, people!

FOX is the fascist network... If you watch it, fine, just understand that you are watching propaganda and propaganda only.