Monday, November 12, 2007


After "taking the weekend off" from blogging and being around my computers, I have decided to go on a little hiatus.

Not sure how long it will last, maybe a week, maybe more.

As you know, the market is extremely volatile right now. My attention needs to be on it, not "Blogistan."

And no, I didn't "blow up."

Enjoy the volatility while it's here, that's the message.

NOTE: Starting tomorrow, Dehtrader will be hosting the VO until I'm back on board. VOers, please email him your results.

Poll Closed. VO Spits Out Stewie

48 of you voted. Here are the results to the question, Who will the VO spit out next?

Akalawoo, 2 votes, 4%
Dentrader, 7 votes, 14%
Denarii, 6 votes, 12%
Dinosaur, 5 votes, 10%
Evolution, 3 votes, 6%
Misstrade, 5 votes, 10%
OBAT, 4 votes, 8%
Stewie, 11 votes, 22%
Wincity, 5 votes, 10%

As you can see, my prescient readers believed that Stewie couldn't handle the pressure of the VO. Indeed, this was the case.

Stewie sent in his "letter of resignation" last week. You can now ignore his blog again.