Monday, November 12, 2007

Poll Closed. VO Spits Out Stewie

48 of you voted. Here are the results to the question, Who will the VO spit out next?

Akalawoo, 2 votes, 4%
Dentrader, 7 votes, 14%
Denarii, 6 votes, 12%
Dinosaur, 5 votes, 10%
Evolution, 3 votes, 6%
Misstrade, 5 votes, 10%
OBAT, 4 votes, 8%
Stewie, 11 votes, 22%
Wincity, 5 votes, 10%

As you can see, my prescient readers believed that Stewie couldn't handle the pressure of the VO. Indeed, this was the case.

Stewie sent in his "letter of resignation" last week. You can now ignore his blog again.


JJ2000426 said...


What a pity. You should never have covered your FSLR in a panic. You should have doubled your shorts. It could have been one of your best short but you turned it into one of your worst, because your fear controled you. Pity. Pity! You will have regret for a lifetime.

I am going to make my FSLR short a real good one to show you some color. I am not in any horry to cover it yet.

Dinosaur Trader said...


First of all, you're an idiot.

Second, you must have missed the comment section from the prior thread.

Third, I've already made more in my other trades, than had I hung on to the FSLR short and clouded my head. $9000 since I covered... three days ago.



JJ2000426 said...

No, you don't.

FSLR fall from the high of $230 to $180 in 2 or 3 days. That's almost 22%. Just held on or double your short at $230, and you have gained/gained back 22%. Where else you could have made that much? You probably did make back some on some where else, but much less than what you have lost in FSLR short. It's something for you to regret for a long time knowing you covered near the high.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I don't care about percentages, or "R," or in what stocks I make my money in. All I care about is bringing home a check. So you see, I lost $5500 in my FSLR trade and I've made $9000 since.

You only "regret" when you get emotionally involved. I simply don't care where it comes from.


wincity said...

Good point, DT. Hanging on to losing trades costs you dearly in lost opportunities. I wish I have the guts to take big losses as decisively as you did.

JJ2000426 said...

No, the portion of proceedings you get from covering FSLR did NOT make you $9000. Had you not cover you probably have no loss in FSLR AND make $8000 some where else. You will be better off. Had you doubled your short at $230 you would have made $5000 in shorting FSLR, AND make $8000 some where else.

Care to detail your trades of FSLR, and where you claim you makde $8000 some where else?

The regret is probably eating your heart seeing how FSLR plummeted today but you were not enjoying it.

Reese said...

You did right by sticking to your plan; even if it was your gut (and not a defined set of rules).

Not sure why JJ keeps arguing with you about it.

JJ, you should go trade your own game and stop fucking with someone elses.


Quentin said...


keep working your system. You gotta do what works for you...

Stewie said...

sorry VO die hards but I could not handle the pressure of the VO. After doing it for a few days i quickly realized that i was not trading well. I was making too many basic mistakes that i was not doing before the VO. I trade for a living and i need to be on top on my game day in and day out. Good luck and much love to all.