Friday, March 16, 2007

Freaky Hybrid Trade of the Day

Today's "honor" goes to AXR. Yes, it's a thin stock but nonetheless, what happened between 10:23 and 10:31 was freaky. Let's discuss:

In this 8 minutes, the stock traded only 2900 shares on the NYSE but managed to rip almost 2 points. As is usual with the hybrid, there were no bids to indicate strength nor volume... there were just 100 share prints lifting offers and taking the stock up.

Favorite highlight: At 10:30:16, the stock traded 100 shares at 86.72. One second later, the stock trades 100 shares 48 cents higher at 87.20. 100 shares shouldn't move any stock 48 cents in 1 second if you want your market to make any kind of logical sense. But that's just my opinion.

Weekly Stats for the week ending 03.16.07

Monday: $28 (hahahah)

Best: CRS $349
Worst: TNH -$163

25 stocks traded: 11 positive, 14 negative

Tuesday: $330

Best: FED $501
Worst: PCP -$74

15 stocks traded: 6 positive, 9 negative

Wednesday: $2286

Best: SQM $762
Worst: GHL -$296

20 stocks traded: 13 positive, 7 negative

Thursday: -$847

Best: TNH $409
Worst: SQM -$512

13 stocks traded: 4 positive, 9 negative

Friday: -$185

Best: SQM $469
Worst: TNH $391

11 stocks traded: 4 positive, 7 negative

Total: $1612 Weekly Profit


Not a bad week excepting Thursday, which hurt. I think it's strange that on a couple of days my best stock then turned out to be my worst stock the next day and vice-versa. Not sure what that means exactly, other than perhaps I do well in a stock and I think I'll do well again, so I get more aggressive in it and then I get smoked. But still, that doesn't explain why my worst on some days becomes my best the next. Who knows? It probably means nothing. But I'll be watching for this pattern more now.

Enjoy your weekend. It's St. Patrick's day tomorrow. Don't do anything stupid.


I found this video over on Lindsay's Wallstrip blog.

It's hilarious...


the mysterious
dark pools of liquidity
killing the market

Yes folks, it's another red day here at Jurassic Park.

-$225 with 2 hours to go in the week.

I'll Believe in Anything - Wolf Parade

I love this song. Had to post the video. First song of the week.


Wow, thanks to TraderMike I just found a great website.

Check out Wallstrip. "Where Stock Culture Meets Pop Culture."

Lindsay is just like Maria Bartiromo, except she has a sense of humor and she's prettier!

Hybrid Market = ECN

Check out this article from that reports on a study that contends the NYSE is really no better than an ECN since the implementation of the hybrid system.

Big Board Loses Edge As Price Improvement Drops

Of course, if you trade the exchange daily, you probably already know that trading has gone straight downhill since the advent of the hybrid system. But if it helps you to know that it's not just you and that it stinks universally, then check out the article.