Friday, October 5, 2007


I lost -$1650 being stubbornly short UBB. End of week, end of story.

Blogger "Death-Match"


Today over at Wallsteak, I challenged "Ragin Cajun" to a "deathmatch."

I know, I know... that's like "challenging" George Bush to an IQ test or "challenging" Dick Cheney to a personality test, but still, I thought it'd be fun.

And, I feel bad for the guy. He lives in New Orleans, probably in a trailer somewhere, (let's face it) and no one visits his blog.

So here's the deal. I short JRJC today at $42.03 and he got long at $39.65.

In the comments section, place your bets (in terms of "R" of course) on who you think will win.

The contest is over tomorrow.

UPDATE: I've formed a quick poll on the subject. Voting closes at the end of the trading day tomorrow, so go vote!

FRIDAY PRE-OPEN UPDATE: Looks to be gapping higher... over $42... DAMN YOU RAGIN! We'll see what happens into the close, but with the futures up 12 pre-market, I'm not feeling too good. We'll see.