Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cracker, "Low"

Blog List

Not sure if it's just me... but the blog list thing sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. So I'm getting rid of it and going back to a regular blogroll.

I also think it's been fucking up the "recent comments" widget.

The RO Report

So far, no update... should the report come through, I'll update this link.

I had a wild day. I was actually having a bona fide "good day" and kind of fucked it all up. I still ended nice, but way off my highs.

Importantly, I've gotten a bit of a "taste" again, and am thinking more aggressively. Aggressive trading is what this current market is all about.

Check back in a bit...

UPDATE: 4:48

Here we go. Out of 27 traders, 24 were positive, or 88%. I was #16 of 27.

Here's the top dogs.

1. $13,110
2. $9,493
3. $9174

And the bottom...

1. -$1,959
2. -$1,098
3. -$445

Good music drops with the sun.

Ice Man

My office mates love this guy.

John McSame

-John McCain, pictured here enjoying a swim, in 1978

A day after John McCain says that George Bush deserves credit for causing the drop in crude (from $140 to $125... let's forget about that rise from $40 to $140) it seems that the cause may be just another failing company.

When it goes back up to $140 in a few weeks, who will we have to blame? Obama?

POT Addresses Sellers

The Future?

If we started getting rid of landfills, I imagine half of New Jersey would disappear. Or does it just smell like that?

Anyway, turning garbage into fuel may not be too far away anymore.

DT Wins Again!

First the idiot SUV drivers in their monsters got their comeuppance via $5 gasoline... and now, annoying cell phone yakkers get theirs via brain cancer!


Okay, I kid... brain cancer isn't funny. Even if Dennis Kneale got it, it wouldn't be funny. Actually, that'd be tough to call.

Oh, and let's all shed a tear for Ford and their 1983 world outlook. Sorry about those truck sales, guys.