Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girl Talk, "Still Here"

The RO Report

Another amazing day for the RO. This time, it wasn't one or two guys making the cheese. The cheese was spread... (sorry)

Out of 25 traders, 21 were positive, or 84%. 18 traders made over $1000. I was 19 of 25.

Here's the top numbers.

1. $13,863
2. $12,887
3. $12,328

And on the downside...

1. -$2147
2. -$1047
3. -$349

Some good music forthcoming. I know the posting has been spotty... the waves have been unreal. Believe me, when it's rainy and flat, I'll be writing more again.

The Daily Show, "Confessions Of A Subprime Lender"

Jon interviewed Richard Bitner, author of "Confessions Of A Subprime Lender." Ultimately, I think the blame for the subprime mortgage mess should fall on the nasty "oil speculators," but that's just me.

Unnecessary Censorship

I love these things...