Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ween, "Freedom of '76"

Keep Your Mind Open When Trading

I wasn't going to do a post this evening, but I wanted to point out my stock of the day, MTL.

Now looking at this chart, it seems pretty obvious that I made my money in the stock, $428, on the long side.

However, that would be wrong. I actually made my money on the short side with the following orders:

9:46 Short 200 MTL at $115.60.
9:52 Buy 100 MTL at $114.71.
10:15 Buy 100 MTL at $112.19.

The point is that in the stock market, there are many ways to make money. Everyone has their niche and everyone can look at the same graph and see different opportunities to exploit. That's what makes the job interesting.

It's also why you always need to keep an open mind when trading.

Virtual Office, $5407. SPX, +46, 1370.

Evolution, $2891 on 68,400 shares traded.
Me, $1998 on 32,800 shares traded.
Dehtrader, $1069 on 5330 shares traded.
Ainkurn, $91 on 600 shares traded.
Wincity, $35 on 200 shares traded.
OBAT, $11 on 12,800 shares traded.
Denarii, no trades.
Retardo, no trades.
Timmay, -$88 on 2600 shares traded.
Sanglucci, -$600 on 38,600 shares traded.

First things first... Maria Bartiromo is the worst excuse for a "journalist" this world knows.

The higher the market goes, the more giddy she becomes. I would love to hang out with Maria one night, just so I could depress the shit out of her.

Anyway, the market freaked out today, jumping higher on 1.7 billion shares traded. That's pretty solid volume. But seriously, I would have thought we'd trade over 2 billion with the market nearly up 400. Still, it's hard to argue against moves like this... sentiment seems to have shifted, quite radically, just over the last couple of weeks. I guess that's why it's hard to pick bottoms. (insert joke about "picking bottoms" here)

By the way, in case you missed it, the jokesters over at IBC thought it'd be funny to "nuke" my blog in this video. Ha Ha... I'll tell you what though... there's nothing funny about nuclear bombs. They melt people. Also, my blog is indestructible. Thanks for reading. I'm happy to be back blogging... I just have to shake some of the rust off.

Equine Quits VO

After witnessing the following exchange between Aikurn, Sanglucci and Evolution, she decided to move on... I guess the VO is no place for a woman.

However, she may have also left because of this attack from Retardo.

Meanwhile, I myself have now suffered a twisted attack from the one known as Retard Trader. If I wasn't so busy thinking positive thoughts and forgiving people, I'd attack him right back.

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Back To Third-Tier Blogging

Hey, how's it going?

Good... good...

Okay, first things first. Ainkurn did an amazing job of posting the VO each day. Collecting 10 emails a day between 4:00 and 4:05 and then writing an intelligible post about them and the market in 5 minutes can sometimes be difficult... especially after a bad day of trading.

I really appreciate the work he did and I would like to reward him with as much traffic as I can muster. So go visit and if you're a fan of the VO, thank him for keeping it alive for the last month.

I had a nice vacation away from the blog and I realized a couple of things.

First of all, I won't be posting 5-10 times a day anymore. My life is just too busy. If you have ever had a 3 year old living under your roof, I'm sure you understand.

Secondly, I really like the blog. It keeps me thinking creatively. However, the VO will be the only post that I put up at the same time every day. In fact, there may be days when the VO is the only post... those days will be dark and lonely for you. Indeed, you may be forced, on those days, to visit inferior trading blogs.

So instead of posting like a drunken lunatic all day I'm going to try to raise the quality of the blogging while lowering the quantity. I mean, I have this idea about making the whole thing more linear and story based, but time is in short supply.

That said, if one of you out there wants to offer me 100k a year to blog full time, just step forward.

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering how my March went trading-wise. I made a little money, $5000, which isn't bad since I basically threw my old style of trading away. Well, I didn't totally throw it away, but I can say with certainty that there are trades I would have made on February 29th that I wouldn't have made yesterday.

The most important thing was my win rate... there were only a handful of days where I was down, and my biggest loss day was less than $1000. Since I was trading with a new style, I kept my size really small. Had I been trading with normal size, I would have been up a multiple of $5000.

I don't really feel like getting into it all, to be honest, but I urge you to check this link and sign up for their free one month trial if you like to make a few trades each day. Note that I'm not easily impressed, but these guys have their shit together. Their system is well thought out, easy to understand, and they're consistent.

Okay, so welcome back. Thanks for waiting and sticking around.