Monday, April 2, 2007

Duller than dirt

It was a slow, sleepy, "nothing to see here folks, move along" kind of day here in the cave. The lowest volume in awhile and unfortunately, it will probably just get lower and lower as the week wears on because of the holidays.

I, for one, could not turn water into wine today.

P&L -$136

Best: POT $106
Worst: CF -$210 (I was stopped out just before the "rip" at the end of the day. GRRR!)

stocks traded: 17, 7 positive, 10 negative
total trades: 220

I'll probably get some spring cleaning done this week. It's gonna be a slow one. And why not get some rest? Earnings season will start soon and then things will get crazy.

Quote services

While I'm at it, I figured I'd take a poll of what quote services you all use. I currently use esignal. It's okay, but I think their customer service is awful. Most of the time I don't have issues with their systems, but I have noticed slow opening price changes on some stocks and often their graphs load slowly.

When you call to complain, they tell you that the problem must be local to your computer and that they aren't having any system trouble.

Then, they tell you to shut down and restart... yawn.

So, anyway. Which quote system do you use?

Real-time news services

I'm in the market to subscribe to a new real-time news service. In the past I've used but even since they released BriefingTrader I feel like their Platinum service has stumbled.

Anyone use a news service that is good for NYSE stocks and has solid customer service?